Sunday, December 7, 2014

If it is Winter, then....

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Thank goodness, now that I am retired  pleading for a snow day  isnt one of  these items anymore.
Now that  my days are generally my own,  with the exceptions of   some family obligations.. there are  a few items  that I   do enjoy  during the  winter months...   
for example, the cupboard is stocked with  the makin's for   this
I  do really enjoy  though looking  out my window  and seeing

 photo 2013-02-07214010_zps0d10ec3f.jpg

But inside   I must have  these

I have  some very sweet memories of   days like these  in winter..

  If  my sweet daughter isnt  around  Id most definitely be    needing this in
Special days set apart  spent with   wonderful  friends!
and evenings   set apart for  dinner parties
  quiet evenings at home with my  sweetie,  enjoying   hot bowls of  homemade  clam chowder

or veggie soup
 photo 2013-01-25022240.jpg

And I most  definitely  must have  a train trip to see  our dearests..

 But most often lovely winter  evenings   at home with my dear hubby   and just  being   healthy, happy and in love!


  1. Awwww I just loved this post, I think you perfectly summed up all the little things that make Winter bearable :)

  2. Loved all your photos! Your family is precious. And your food photos look so yummy!

  3. What a sweet post. Merry Christmas.


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