Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Birdie's Room

Met Monday
I am  so pleased to   have something to post on this    lovely  meme!  Life   at our house gets so complicated so much of the time  that  making  changes in  decor  and transformation  never  moves to the top of our to- do list...  But   thankfully,   this time   this small project took precedence!
When  Our   wonderful, precious daughter  moved  out  to college  almost 10 years ago,   I  was missing her so much I  just thought  maybe if I moved into her room    and  utilized it as my office,  I would fell   closer to her,,, and it helped,,,  tremendously...  
Amanda's favorite color was teal,  and her  room    had a beachy  theme  years ago, but over time  things  were making gradual changes.  Bed spread and  other personal items  were displaced  to make room for     all my  ever  encroaching  mess of   files and    notebooks....    the  book cases were taken over   mainly with my    necessities....  and   actually,  my   10 years worth of    life of   Bible study,  church committees, and      record keeping  was  absolutely out of hand!...   But   we  had   the most  precious  impetus to reclaim this room....

Our   adorable  granddaughter  is coming  for  Christmas....  Our  Lil Ice Princess!

so     there has  been  somewhat of a transformation...
  Princess's  nickname is   Birdie...so     there is  somewhat of a Birdie theme to the room!
And of course,   there are  2 bags  there with toys and books   for  Birdie's  pleasure!  At  15 months,     she  is   interested in everything!!

Of  course,    I  still have to have my   work space in  here,  and soon,  we will  install the  wall unit  that will house    all of my  'Stuff"!

   This bookcase is mainly comprised of   Amanda's  books   of various stages of life... So  they will  remain  as  they  are   for now....    Now that all of her   various  trophies are packed away, I now have  a place to  showcase a bit of my oil paintings
I am  just so happy to  get  this much done  considering  what all has been transpiring  in  our hectic  circumstances....   but  with our   wonderful kids  coming  in 2 days,       it is   just so  marvelous to have it this much complete!

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  1. THE ROOM LOOKS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! Took my breath away for a minute!! I can't believe how bright and nice it looks. Can't wait to see it in person!! Great job to you both!!!

    Lots of love,


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