Tuesday, December 2, 2014

What Christmas Means to Me!

Sandra of  Diary of a Stay At Home Mom  has a  delightful December  meme  going on  through the month  celebrating   the joys of Christmas 

Christmas is my absolute  favorite  season of the year.  I  can hardly wait until Thanksgiving is over to start decorating the house.  I actually start  playing the music    just as  the  weather starts to get a bit nippy, usually  around mid November... because  I  am  such a really olde fashioned gal,  I enjoy  Olde English  carols, so my husband   doesnt get too tired of  Christmas  before it's time!

Christmas is a time of deep reflection for me.  I love to sit  in the   parlor  enjoying the   lights of the tree and  a  cosy fire,  cocoa in hand    and   recounting all the    wonderful gifts of life, family, home, and  goodwill  with which we are  blessed.   In my heart I celebrate the  advent with each new  lighting of the  candle  for that week..   ever thankful for the redemptive  gift  of  Christ  sent to  us  in His mercy   toward us..
Christmas  is   the time when  love abounds   in so many ways..  I love  the  effervescence  of it in the market place as the spirit of Christmas  flows from person to person that  you meet.  I  love   to  be a conduit of that  spirit  wherever I go.. I love to dress up in festive colors and  spread  the cheer  in manner   and in presence,  because we have  His presence  within us!
I love  the trappings of Christmas....  the lights, the  trimmings,  the greens  of the  garlands and wreaths  that I so  rapturously  mulled through  at the downtown  market  last Saturday...
 the smells of fresh cut pine and cedar...  the festival  atmosphere of  shoppers  in  the  quaint  shops  on the Market..  I love    the   present  buying for my family....  picking out the  special gifts for  each one...  and  now that our  lil Birdie is  15 months old and scampering around the house,   I love  trying to decorate  "grammy's"  house   with  things at her level that will be   just fine for her  precious  hands  to  grab hold of and  explore.  I love it all...  Christmas is a  feeling of the heart   all   bound up in love and  good   things from  on high....  if you  have  a Christ- centered  heart, you have the freedom to  enjoy Santa and His reindeer, too!    This  post put a huge smile  on my face!!!!  Now gotta go and  do something  Christmassy right now!!!


  1. Oh, how I love your post....loved your lines, "Christmas is a feeling of the heart all bound up in love and good things from on high".....I couldn't agree more!

  2. Love this..."Christmas is a feeling of the heart all bound up in love and good things from on high.... if you have a Christ- centered heart, you have the freedom to enjoy Santa and His reindeer, too!" Stopping by from Blogmas 2014.

  3. Love this, and like you I start listening to Christmas music as soon as the weather turns cold, which usually for us is beginning of November :)
    As always, I enjoy how you put feelings into words.

  4. Beautiful post. Thanks for sharing! I'm loving Sandra's blogmas too. ;)


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