Friday, December 12, 2014

Our Christmas Wonderland

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I live in the Mid-Atlantic area of the US, so sometimes  we will  be experiencing  a winter wonderland  by Christmas  which  makes   for a  rare  gift from on high!  My worst  aspect in life is  anticipating a  sunny  mild Christmas.. I love snow...  unless it is   impacting  friends and family from  being together,  then it definitely  has its drawback!
But let's pretend  we wake up on Christmas morning  with  just  enough snow to  make it a White  Christmas of song!  
Living  at the foot of the Blue ridge range  has many advantages...
  beautiful mountain vistas..

Our valley seen from the Appalachian Trail

Our fair city  is situated  like a  fairy jewel  hidden  between the  Blue Ridge and the Allegheny chain

IN 2008  that's just what happened.. and  it   turned into a  Sleighride day!
 photo Christmas2009085.jpg
 Every Christmas morning, dear hubby has   stacked  the firewood on the front porch to easy access,  because  we ladies of the house are demanding  a real fire  in  fireplace  in  the  parlor on Christmas! day..
 photo christmasparty133.jpg
ON the  days leading up to Christmas day,   the  atmosphere throughout the house   is  always  setting  with  the   rosy glow of  the Christmas spirit....
  photo Christmas2011007.jpg

 photo Christmas2011002.jpg

 photo Christmas2011001.jpg
Whether on the inside  or from the outside, the  window candles  offer    a welcoming   Christmas cheeriness.
 photo CopyofChristmaslights012.jpg

 photo Christmaslights029.jpg
IN 2010  the snow didnt disappoint as well!
 photo CHristmas2010271.jpg
nor 2013!
 photo 2013-02-07213825_zps74227bd5.jpg
 photo 2013-01-17211744_zpsa23d26a0.jpg
I love  snowy scenes like this one out the back door....

 photo 2013-01-17055625_zps19ae6ec5.jpg
and out the kitchen window... even the cardinal  enjoyed  its  Christmas treats!
 photo tn_003.jpg


  1. Nice pictures. Thanks for sharing your town with us.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! I think it's very sweet that your husband takes care of his ladies :)


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