Monday, December 1, 2014

Christmas Traditions

I am  looking forward to  sharing all about my yuletide  ideas  through  

All through the  years  family has played  the best part of  all  Christmas  plans....  until   the Lord called my grandparents home  Christmas meant getting together with the whole clan on both sides of the family...  The main event at both  farms  was  the  Christmas dinner  at my mom's folks  and the Christmas Supper at dad's....  by the end of the day  we were  completely  stuffed to the  brim... both full of  Christmas joy, fellowship, love, and  more  food that a  body should even  ever consider consuming!.   Then   Christmas reverts to  my   mom and dad's  home in the country  and by that time   we had our  wee Amanda...   and the tradition  continued   with   great  food and    to  replace the hordes of  cousins, aunts and uncles,  Mom always  invited  the neighboring countryside in for  a Christmas Eve Open House, then gift opening  took place on Christmas Eve after the party....  seems strange to me now...It wasnt until   Amanda  was  a teen  that  I got    determine  our  own family's tradition... that  we actually  were  in our own home  over  the Christmas  celebration.  I broke all previous tradition   and  decided  that  we would open gifts  i\on Christmas Day..
Christmas Eve  we would  always go to the  Christmas Eve service  at our church...  and  center ourselves over the true meaning of Christmas,  reading scripture and singing carols around the piano. 
On Christmas morning  we traditionally  have our  festive Christmas brunch...
  Our  favorite  Christmas morning delights are the  Cranberry  walnut Scones
Our   lovely Amanda  loves to bake them   lately  which is a huge help   on Christmas morning
 I love to whip  up  our  Christmas    quiche   each year... we usually bake 2 and  eat on it  all day long!!!!

Brandied fruit  rounds  out the menu  for Christmas morning...   and then we   head to the  parlor and open  the gifts!!!


  1. What wonderful traditions and memories you have, I so enjoyed reading about them and seeing your pictures. Made me hungry though :)

  2. Loved hearing about your traditions.....hoping - really hoping - you publish the recipe for the cranberry walnut scones! They look delicious! [A fellow Blogmas-er]

  3. I really enjoyed reading about your traditions! Hoping you post the recipe for those delicious scones (they look YUM!)...


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