Monday, August 1, 2016

A SImple Change and My Spirit is Lifted!!

This morning I posted how  dreary  our living room looks.. and how badly it needed  a makeover...all that red  was just making the room feel over stuffed and hot!!!  
There was  a heaviness that  made me feel  in the dumps.... time to lighten it up...   just with a few removals... replacements ....and reordering...  The sofa  is situated   facing the fireplace and  is  sitting  in midroom  to make  way for the piano   facing it  on the back wall. 

It does make for cozy  seating arrangments, but all those chairs   to  the sofa's right  made the room look like a doctor's office...  and the arrangment of the chairs made no sense. So I paired up the tall back  crook arm chairs and   lightened them up with  white  throws  to  echo the sofa.. it also helped to align the chairs  with the window  for a bit of symmetry. This opened up a bit of vacant space  that  really looks great...  not so much clutter!!! Hahaha, the hassock moves from spot to spot depending on where I find myself...

I, also, lightened up the table  tops  that cleared up the line of sight  quite a bit..  less is more  in the summer... it seemed I was  still  celebrating winter.. at least my holiday tree  is hosting  myriad summer birds and a few dainty flowers.. now with the red gone replaced with  navy blue and  many greens and more  white... the room doesnt smother me  when I take my respite or  want to  reflect on  higher things.... and that change took all of 10 minutes to procure... not bad..
and then there is the evening ambiance!

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  1. I really like the simple changes that you made! I need to do something similar...just not quite sure what yet :)


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