Monday, August 15, 2016


Today is the day we have been looking forward to for 8 weeks...  our  new window treatments for the Master  are being installed as I type...  so I quickly took a few before photos... yay!  I love that sound of   the cordless  screw driver  setting the  apparatus in place.... We recently  painted  the walls  this  soft blue... which I love  and our  double hung  windows  just had  1 inch blinds...  not very  interesting at all.
BTW... it is  pouring the rain.. why it is dark...  and I'm reveling in it!
 I love the bare window  look  but not at night of course..
 the new  window treatment will add quite a wonderful element  in design and utility!!

 Here is the gorgeous handmade tapestry table runner I found for a song at the consignment shop...  It is amazing with the rest of the room decor.. 

as you can see the sconces with  silk flowers  with that same scroll and actually  fleur de lys  designs..

Well,  I believe the  installation is almost complete....  so  I'm heading on back up stairs with my camera.
OK, I admit  I am jumping the gun....but I'm like a little girl  waiting for  Santa...  so while installer was  make a few cuts  I snuck onto the room and  clicked a few photos...  so  ta-daa!'
 We  have new  shutters...  and I am loving them already...
I really think from now on    we are going to have use the alarm clock  in the mornings.... 
I cannot wait til  I can get in there and   really  set them up the way  I want!!! 

So wallah: The finished look:
So much more updated and  timely looking!! 

more privacy and  more efficiency in keeping the hot sun out and  I  imagine keeping the warm  in during winter...

I can hardly believe it is the same room!
I do love the decorative boxes on the dresser..  helps to hide all the clutter....OOps ..I do need to  remove some of those items  that had been placed on the bookcase  but were moved  not to be    in the installer's way.

 The whole shutter idea was  born from the desire to  do something architectural.. I wanted  crown molding  but as you can see with a shed roof that was impossible...  so  beefing up the  window trim with the shutters  add  that  special dimension...  I love  them!

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  1. Your shutters look great, Schotzy! I like the look of an open window too if there is no one behind you. However at night, I want complete privacy. The blinds will work well for you and they really are nice. Your runner is lovely too. Thanks for sharing.



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