Friday, August 26, 2016

Friday Fave Five

I'm joining in with Susanne of Living to Tell the Story to share my five favorite things in the past week.

1.  This has been a very  busy week...On Tuesday  we had a  great  day. One of my very best friends from  my early school days  and I have been  trying to get together for  a couple of years...  she and her husband live    about an hour  away...  not so hard, you say,   but we both live very  busy lives...Tuesday we  laid everything aside and decided to meet half way  for an amazing lunch! The following photo  was taken  from our  first grade group photo... my friend Vickie, was sitting on the front row and I on the row behind..  from the various  angles of our  seating  we look a bit incongruous,  but  I  will admit Vickie   was   a spritely and very  cute,  sweet  friend to me...  I lived a couple of blocks away and  I walked to her house  to pick her up and we continued on to school... another  5 blocks to  our elementary  school.

We got together this week for lunch at a renovated

old train station  about  30 minutes from each of us..
We arrived at 11:30  soon after they opened.. and  had such a marvelous time, it's a wonder they didnt scoot us out the door.. almost 4 hours later.  It  is  amazing how similar our lives have progressed... even our husbands' careers and work experiences  were  so  aligned... everyone  had a  wonderful time getting to know one another after 50 years.... and we  can hardly wait to  get together  again!

2.  Monday and Tuesday were cooler days and the humidity  was  much lower making for  temperate days for  working outside. How happy I was to  begin tackling the  garden   by the garage  that we see  every day coming and going.. it had  mastesized into a tangle of overgrowth of vines and weeds..
Nothing was blooming except theMorning Glories  that  had  been left to  take over the space.  Hubs actually surprised me by  taking on the far  left end of the garden  Monday evening.. Now the perennial mums  have a chance to  bloom and  share their autumnal glory! 

Then  it was easy enough to uncover the remaining sections  and  trim back  the lavendar that was  crowding out    the  statuary  I enjoy so much.
Here you can barely see the merest dot of color as the buds are beginning  to open. 
I love my little garden kids... our lil gardener and his  friend  really helped to quell the sting of  the empty nest  a decade ago... WHen the grand kiddies came along we added garden fairy lights   to  brighten  the  play area and  put smiles of wondering faces.

A couple of fall bedding plants  bring the garden back to life , await the  gold, crimson and  orange of the mums to come to full  bloom! 

3.  Last night our Sunday School class  met at  the Lake for a cook out.... true  the  high temps and  horrid humidity were back but the environs more than made up for our discomfort.
The pavillion is situated on a knoll over looking the lake  and the  whole area is absolutely beautiful..
This whole area is built upon a peninsula that juts out into the lake and the  shining water is seen almost in every direction.
Nearly every couple from class  attended and we had so much fun playing shuffle board,  croquet, and just sitting in the  shadows of the pavillion  and  sharing stories.

4. Some of my  most favorite  moments  were  when I took a stroll at dusk and captured some  gorgeous sunset water  shots.

I always   hoped and dreamed of living  by the lake someday.... but  the good  Lord had other plans for me... and I wouldnt change a thing...  but I  still love  a lakeside sunset!

5. This last  thing happened today...and it is all about me.... I  got my hair cut...  and it is quite a bit shorter than usual... but I really like it...

and with that I bid you  all adieu!


  1. how nice that you and your friend got to have such a delightful lunch. When my daughter and I go to lunch we often occupy a table for hours. Wonder they don't kick us out.

  2. What a nice lunch with your friend! So glad you got to do that! I really need to make time for things like that - otherwise time just gets filled with everyday busyness.

    Your garden is looking nice, and those sunset photos are lovely. Nice haircut!

  3. The haircut looks wonderful on you! And I love the little garden statues. They look lovely amongst your flowers. And how nice to be able to get together with your friend! A lovely week for you!

  4. Those sunset photos are beautiful! If I couldn't live near the beach, I'd want to be near a lake!
    Your garden statues make me smile--I'm glad you got all your weeding done and your fall plants in the ground.


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