Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Guilty as Charged

Alright,  I  confess...  I am guilty of    charging ahead .. not giving summer it's  full allotted time....  but I have also admitted.. Im just not that much into summer.  and  I have also stated that once I  brought out  autumn and started placing it around...  there was a  break in the weather..  it shifted from mid ninties to low 80's, at least for a time.... It works that way with  winter, as well.. I can pull out a snowman,, and  whee...flurries start flying..  loved to do that  while I was teaching!
But I can not take all the credit.. I mean isnt it fashionable to  cast blame on  something else... for me it was Victoria Bliss magazine..  I mean if Victoria can,  can't I...   those  autumnal colors just  register  rest,  retire,  time to read a really great  book!  Perhaps even a classic... How about Sense and Sensibility...That plus it is time to start  bringing in and taking care of the harvest,... right? For us, it is  blueberries...  so prolific this year... I am getting  stocked up for  the  dreary months!

Ok, so I featured a harvest table...

 or two,,, 

   but how do these colors differ than those  exhibiting in nature..

So I went ahead and cut off some  lavender to dry    and  enjoy the  sultry well...
  Summer lovers may  naysay.. but I say.. go ahead... all the way... pull out the teacher friends   may really love me  when I pull out the snowmen come November!


  1. I like you am looking so forward to Fall! I like Summer but I am looking so forward to the cooler temperatures. I hope that you have a Happy Thursday!!!

  2. A kindred soul...although I enjoy summer, it's mostly because I know Fall is coming right behind it! Summer is lovely, but Fall is .... joyous!

  3. I am ready for the fall colors and cooler temps also. Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!


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