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For Today...August 29, 2016
Outside my window...
It is a  mild  late August morning  at 70 degrees...  but  it will be another  scorcher today for sure!

I am thinking...

how bad I am....   I   am using a   format for TSWDB from last February and I noticed that I had just purchased my  new sewing machine... it is still sitting in the guest room...  I've never  touched yet.. and I do have a couple of projects I need to  create   for Christmas.  Yikes.. I have got to hup to!

I am thankful...

 for the saving  knowledge of Christ and    His  love and provision    in my life....  Sometimes  things  can  get  rattled and out of sorts, and then I  really wonder...  how do  folks with no faith  endure the  uncertainty of life... praise   God...  His mercies are new every morning!

I am wearing...

my white Capri's and  cool  black and white top

I am creating...

a gradual change of season around the house... a bit here and a tad there...  I am excited to be moving towards one of my favorite seasons of the year!

I am going...

to the doctor this morning.. a 4 month  return checkup on  blood  work... I  always feel a bit unsettled about  these  things as I get older and I'm not nearly as    active as I once was...  especially  in this  horrid heat and humidity.. Oh, well, it is what it is!

I am wondering...

about an upcoming trip we are planning...including a few days on Cape Cod... hoping that  the weather will be nicer and we can really enjoy being outside  and  revel in the world that God  created for us!

Image result for west dennis massachusetts
I am reading...
II Timothy
Jesus Calling  Devotional and
I love  Eric's writing.... great book!

I am hoping...
God's mercy and protection will  reign over  all of the rest of  the  political election process..  It becomes difficult to separate  one's concerns  re: the political scene from  everyday life, it seems..a t least for me... it is a constant matter of prayer!

I am learning...
to  try to make the most of each  realm of my  existence each day..
  physical...  mental...  spiritual!

In my garden...
It has been so dry  the garden is   struggling  pretty much...  I am so pleased to have the  overgrowth under control  but the  planting  are  struggling for sure... I am looking forward to cooler autumn weather  when the mums    kick in and the color returns!
 photo autumn2010003.jpg

Due to the  extreme heat we are  way behind in  the  blooming of  these lovely flowers!

In my kitchen...
I have no immediate plans for anything is just too hot to cook...  salads and   light fare  this week!

A favorite quote/scripture for today...

Image result for psalm 36:5

          A peek into one of my days... 

Last evening I was peeking out our bedroom window  through the slats of our new shutters, into the garden below and I spied the  fairy lights  bidding me a good night... I was wishing  our wee lassies (grand tots)  could enjoy them with us...

One of my favorite things...
late  afternoon ...  the sun is  lowering in the sky   and we enjoy the waning light of day.. that  time right  before one really needs to  turn on the light...

The twilight  approaches and  falls  still and  the cool of the day emerges  before the night!

 photo IMG_5558_zpsmvpbesje.jpg
The glow of twinkle lights   gives  that  delightful   homey feeling to the room

 photo 2013-09-23071253_zpsa121e948.jpg

The sunset casts its rosy hue on  surfaces... lengthening shadows.. creep across the room
 photo september2012184.jpg
Early evening candle glow  warms the atmosphere
 photo May2012013.jpg 
and sets the tone for  quiet  happy evenings around hearth and home and family!

From the board room... Pinned from my board...
 Late Afternoon Inspirations

Beautiful autumn scene  #beautifulautumnscene#:


Post Script

 Long Afternoon Light

Small roads written in sleep in the foothills

how long ago and I believed you were lost

with the bronze then deepening in the light

and the shy moss turning to itself holding
its own brightness above the badger’s path
while a single crow sailed west without a sound
we trust without giving it a thought
meredith rose

that we will always see it as we see it
once and that what we know is only
a moment of what is ours and will stay
we believe it as the moment slips away
as lengthening shadows merge in the valley
and a window kindles there like a first star
what we see again comes to us in secret

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  1. You have a lovely home! I enjoy Eric Metaxas's radio program, but I haven't read any of his books. I should look into them! Have a great week.


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