Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Just Got Started on a Theme

Yesterday I had the extreme delight to host a  mini birthday party for my husband's cousin's  grandson who was visiting with his sister  from the Outer Banks, NC..
We only really had  time for  cookies and ice cream,  but  I baked the most delectable  chocolate chip  cookies  and the house smelled heavenly when they arrived!
My sunflower  bouquet was still looking  nice so  I felt the need to  redo the  table  to highlight their  awesome  golden color!
 And, if truth be told, I was  mightily inspired by the September issue of Victoria Magazine with their radiant autumn hues  against the blue transferware.And I am  so glad I did put this  beginning of my  early fall  table together because our weather suddenly  dropped from 90 degree days to  a  very pleasant 72 degrees!  Hahaha!
I  was pleased as well that when I took these photos the  flash  fired and   the  warm  tones of color  seem to pop off the page.

 Since we were only serving  cookies and ice cream I was using the dessert plates and  dishes from my collection...  a mix-matched  collection in blue...  
 I love how the sunflowers  sing against the   deep  tones in the paisley cloth!
I was so touched when  young Lauren reached forward to touch the sunflowers and asked.. "Are these real?"  I smiled and nodded and she said,  "I want some real flowers!"  Even young  Austin gingerly  reached out and  softly fingered the petals... so  precious to  see  our youth  realize the quality of  the  authentic!
  Accent blues and  gold  mark the change on the hutch
 I had my daughter's  teen scrapbook out for the kids to  peruse so they could get to know her as their peer... even though she now is twice their age!
 umm, chcocoalte  in  dark and white.. the cookies  in dark and the bars in white....  tasting all the better with  a dollop of Vanilla with Caramel Gelato by Breyer's!    
I am inspired now to  begin a  much grander  centerpiece in  bold  autumn with blue using  the items I have in storage... as per the  gorgeous arrangements I saw online today on Pier One..
but more along these lines but much more  russet  thrown in for good measure...
sunflower centerpieces
  from pinterest
pinned from

 or staging blue and white.. with  autumn through in as well.. but that  will be a mind game for me for some time...
But, don't you love blue with  the  rich colors of fall??!!?

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