Monday, March 5, 2012

Daffodils for the Grands!

My last   posting  on this thread  showed  the first major snow of the season  and   that was  just  a couple of weeks ago...  to demonstrate just how  odd the weather is here  you  will see a marked difference in our  climate.
Last week  when the kids were  here  Amanda  and I were  driving over to see mom and dad.   When she  said  stop as we were driving  down past our house.   Our daffodils were in full bloom, so  Lynn  came out  with  the necessary  tools and  presto!Amanda  had a lovely  arrangement to take to her Mama Jean and Pop Pop!

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  1. I see a tiny bit of blue sky. Those flowers are lovely.

    Happy Blue Monday, Schotzy.

  2. Like our weather here. Sun shine, rain, snow, storms and Ky. is a disaster. We just barely missed a tornado. Got a few daffodils. How great to take those bouquets to your family.

  3. Love your picture of the eagle on your sidebar.Blessings, Debbie

  4. How pretty!

    Sta Wars Blues in Disney World, please come and see.


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