Saturday, March 10, 2012

Pink Saturday

Happy Pink Saturday

Spring is definitely in the air!  You  can not only feel it, you can see it!!!

  Gorgeous  flowering quince is the first harbinger that  winter is almost over....  so it is reflected on my mantel  at home...
   But   this   isnt   shown in  its best    composition...

   Now as  the  backdrop for my    mantel display it sets the tone for my preEaster   setting...
Center stage...   the cross....   an ever present reminder of  the true meaning  of the season...


We know when Jesus was crucified

Upon the wooden cross
Our every sin was laid upon Him
All for loving the lost

And we know that when He rose again
He conquered death and hell
Through His resurrection we have
Eternal life as well

For this we praise our gracious Lord
And thank Him for His love
For we could never have had this hope
If it wasn't for His spilled blood

But we can know His resurrection power
Right now while we are here
For we can come to the cross of Christ
And lay down our burdens there

For everything that may hold us back
The hurts from yesterday
At the foot of the cross we lay it down
And then just walk away

For I believe that there is healing
At the cross of Christ
We do not need to carry these loads
For they've all been crucified

Receive from Jesus the healing you need
For your spirit, body and soul
Then you can arise, freed from your past
To walk completely whole

For what He accomplished on the cross
Goes on into eternity
Just reach out your hand and He will too
And receive His victory

 By M.S.Lowndes ~ 2006
The lovely  Dresden ladies   are decked out for the Easter parade!
The mantel is flanked by music and literature...   two gifts from  God  that  that  enable us to  dwell  on higher  planes    closer to Him!
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  1. Hi Schotzy,

    What a pleasure to meet you and visit your lovely blog. It is lovely and quite interesting.

    I love your "Healing the Cross" poem. Quite touching.

    I hope your weekend is going well and that you are enjoying all of the lovely Pink Saturday posts.

    I am now a follower too! Pleasure to meet you.

    xo Cathy

  2. Have missed you Schotzy! Love this loving poem, so true every word. I love the Dresden ladies, but oh how hard it is to keep those lacey pieces clean.

    Have a lovely PS weekend ~
    TTFN ~

    ~ GIVEAWAY ends 3/15 ~

  3. Oh I remember Easter parades--how fun it would be to go to one today. Your cross poem is lovely and your hanging above the mantel beautiful,
    Happy Pink Sat.


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