Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Erin go Bragh

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Last time I posted  a vignette in tribute of my  Germanic roots....  today, since it is March and  coming up  on St. Paddy's Day  I  am    thinking  of   the Emerald Isle and glorying in my   O'Higins  ancestry...   besides is it so fun to pull these items together  because it is a prelude to spring......
So this week  I am sharing  our  hutch.....
I little bit old fashioned,    the O'Higins in  me  is  inclined to be  a bit fanciful and  I guess you could say cluttered....  My  O'Higins  grandparents were known as over the top  story tellers and  very fun-loving    folks  who took  things to the extreme in many ways.....   thus    sometimes my  decorative editing  may be lacking... but as long as I like it... that is truly all that matters....
Because church is such an  integral part of our lives.  and of course since it hosts   its  lovely green roof,  it  found  high positioning....  right beside    the  Irish  Beleek cream and sugar  Lynn and I received as wedding presents in 1972....
 On the other end of the top shelf   I  placed  my Beleek pitcher  I received from  my dear older cousin, Bonny Lyn,    before she passed....
The Celtic cross  was  a souvenir from the  Scotland  Shop in Williamsburg, Virginia.. from last summer..
(It is definitely time to go back there,   surely)
No Irish  vignette in our house  would be without  Irish tea...  and my   Shamrock  China  from Ireland  was  a  gift to me from  my  Great Aunt Josephine  who had purchased it  years ago on her travels.
So there you have my Irish tribute  and  prelude to spring  vignette!

Erin go Bragh!

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  1. Love your hutch and your new vignette is just gorgeous. The celtic cross is lovely and I really like the little church and the floral arrangement. Thanks so much for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty


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