Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Return to Loveliness... planning my Sweetie's Birthday dinner

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I was   checking the calendar... man, October is flying by! Being out of town for 2 weeks     gives one a  feeling that time  stands  still,  but it doesnt,  that's for sure!

What   took me   most  by surprise is  just how soon Lynn's  birthday  will be here.... next weekend!  So  I   took advantage of a bit of free time I  carved out this morning to    do a bit of planning.

Lynn and I both   are watching our carbs.....   drat  the   crazy   things....   everything good to eat is laded with them!!!

    But if one is very  careful,   a  wonderful menu  will   make itself  evident....
The Food Network   offered   a  great   selection  I particularly loved  this recipe  of  Key West  Crab Cakes!
This site ,

Hosting a Low Carb Dinner Party

offered   many  great   ideas....
Sesame Chicken Kebabs

Those  Sesame Chicken  Kebobs  look  fabulous!!!
Asian Asparagus Recipe

Asian Asparagus 
  Of course,  pumpkin pie can be   made   low carb stype   by substituting     various  ingredients....  
Looks like    a  choices   to be found online are limitless if one  takes the time  to  seek!!
   Glad I have my     coffee and  a bit of time to    plan out a nice   birthday   dinner for my sweetie!!!  
BY the way,  don't you love my   new mug....   I collect  mugs from  the b and b's we  visit!   This one   will   be   a new favorite....  HEHEHEHEH, I have so many favs!

This may not be    a true teacup,  but   it makes me just as happy  to   drink from it, because of the memories   it  evokes!   
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  1. Glad you are planning a wonderful birthday party. The challenges of low carb is hard but worth while. My husband has lost a lot of weight for we are following this plan. The mug has good memories and the birthday will also. If you haven't read about my husband and his total collapse please go to my blog and visit the July Birthday post. Enjoyed your birthday selections.

    Thanks, Pam

  2. It is hard to have a birthday party and only be able to user healthy ingredients...I have been looking myself for recipes that are better for us. I hope Lynn has a lovely birthday. Your generous mug looks perfect for a good cuppa!
    p.s. my computer is really struggling to load your page. I had to try a few times to get on. Maybe others are having a hard time too?


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