Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I'm Back!! A Telling of our Marvelous Vacation part 1

Lynn and I  just returned form our   marvelous trip to New England....  it was the hardest thing to do  to not   tell about  our trip  beforehand...  but I   didnt wish to   tell the world we'd be gone  for  2 weeks...  but now that  we're  back  I have so much to tell!!!
We  left  on the  4th   and    spent our first night  in Lancaster, Pa  at the Swiss Woods  bed and breakfast...
 We stayed in the San Bernadino  room...   and had this very lovely  view  out of our garden door...
 Werner, the owner, is  a marvelous  Swiss  landscaper...  who  keeps  the  gardens in pristine   beauty...
 and  every inch of the place    recalls the  alpine   romanticism of  Switzerland....  this is a favorite stopover on our way north!!!

 This lovely room is right across the hall from our room....   we  messed our room up too quickly to get a  nice  snapshot!!
 Located in the  Amish  countryside near Lititz, our stay   is always so  refreshing and relaxing!

Well,       part 2 on our trip  coming  soon!!!! 

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