Monday, October 29, 2012

One Thousand Gifts (265-274)

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265.   Even as the storm   builds  outside  the door of the  homes of my  loved ones,  I am  assured of their   safety and  loving care  and provision  of the Lord!
266.  Answered  prayers      offered  for  so many   family and friends!   God's love  and   mercy is   awesome!
267.    I was able to find    the very last   ac-dc radio   to be found in  SW county   this morning....   what a comfort to be able to have information!
268.  We were able to  get our new furnace    delivered and installed   just  in the nick of time  before this  shift in the temperatures!
269.    Last night  my favorite  bird, the white throated sparrow   sang  its  beautiful song to me  from   the persimmon tree as  I was  entering  our was as it  he sang a message   just for me  that  everything  would be   well with us!Note:  these  birds  a re  rare  in this   latitude   at this time of year!)
270.  The love and support of  all of  my   Christian   sisters and brothers   during  this season   of  life in this  very   upside down world!
271.  The   guidance of the Holy Spirit in    dealing  with  my  parents   respective  situations  and   having them safe and  relatively happy.  
272.  The peaceful lull in the  afternoon  before the   fury that is  expected   at evening fall!
273.  Amanda's sweet voice on the other  end of the line  just  an hour ago  saying  she was safe and sound at  home  and that  Joshua w as on his  way home, as well!
274.  Seeing my dad   feeling  well, and satisfied  yesterday was   a rare treat!

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