Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Morning After

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First of all,  my  heart, thoughts, and prayers  go out to all the  millions  who  awakened to loss and devastation  this morning across   the Northeast. usaving just traveled there,  I am  heart sick about  the beauty  and  the  hit  it took,   and the   wonderful   families whom we met    who   certainly  are  suffering in some   way this morning.  And for those who are  grieving, you are in  our prayers!
...we  are  still feeling the  affects of Sandy, here in SW Virginia...   we  are   right on the  cusp of   the snowline....   as   our  elevation here isnt     quite   high  enough,,, but the   brutal winds   still  pummel us...     We were very thankful   to wake up this morning    with power  and a  warm dry home...there wasnt even  a bit of  tree  debris  in the yard  except for  the many  leaves  we  would  ordinarily have this time of year.   The mighty oaks   held on  tight  to their  newly colored leaves, amazingly ! However,  a   glance out the back door   showed  we didnt  have just a bit of   damage....  the  roof of our  garage   had become  compromised  just  a bit...and with the  forecast for   a lot of residual rain today,  Lynn  was   quick to   get out the ladder and   take care of business.  Even  at  sustained winds of  24 miles per hour,  Lynn  was  on  his   ladder  fixing the   heat vent on the   roof...between the intermittent showers  this morning.   

The view form  upstairs   brought  him more into focus as  he anchored the vent  secured  back into place.    
 Looking up  at him from the ground,,  I  was   getting a  tad  anxious hoping  he would soon be done!
For the wind  was   back in  full force  as seen  by  the  garden flag  almost  parallel   to the  ground  in its  flight!
Meanwhile,   I was  busily  preparing a hearty  breakfast for my man- whom I  knew  would   appreciate a warm up   for the   wind chill   was  about  18 degrees!

My  original plan for  this morning was to create  a dainty  tabletop ,  but now  I was thinking  he-man!!!

 Baked eggs with   cheese and  veggies,  baked bacon,  crisp and  tasty,
  these eggs are so easy to   fix,  just  spray the  pan,   break into it 4 eggs, season them,  I chopped  a couple of tablespoons of red pepper  and  chopped some  sweet onion,   then sprinkled  parmesan cheese over the whole.   Bake at  375 for about 12 minutes or until done..  Lynn  has to have his  yokes done...  but  this method   never  scorches  and   we  both  enjoy   the  compliments of the added ingredients!
Delicious fresh fruit cup,   compliments of  our precious   Jan and Kevin, 
  and  large   mugs of  coffe and tea..
for me,   Yorkshire Gold  in my  Mikasa  Hampton Bay mug ....
Just the kind of breakfast this morning  called for  to   jump-start our day!!!  and   ward off the   chill!

The centerpiece  demonstrates that Im    so thankful in my   heart for  God's provision  and protection! 
And I am loving  my  mercury glass  votive.. wish I had bought 2 of them!! 
Just a very   warm   beginning....   now  Im  bolstered to  tackle  some errands! 
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  1. Your breakfast looks delicious! I'm now hungry! Your table setting feels so warm and comforting! Hope you continue to stay safe and cozy! Have a wonderful week!
    sandy (kind of hate to sign my name these days )

  2. What a fine breakfast table you set! Delicious food too! I am glad your wind had died down. It sounds like you didn't do too badly considering. I did hear that there was now in western VA.

  3. Goodness, Dad on the roof in a windstorm! Glad he's ok ;>) Just went through your blog and read all your posts about your trip-- lovely documentation! I forgot you took such nice pictures in Maine!

    Oh- and show MJ the picture of the newly covered bench, if you think of it! I think maybe we need to move the picture down a bit? We just didn't want anyone to bump their head on it, while they're sitting there...

    love you,

  4. What a delicious looking breakfast! Love the he-man table setting. Glad to read you didn't suffer any damages during Sandy. ~Michelle

  5. I am so glad to read you're safe, snug, and warm, and your husband completed the task before the weather got too much worse. I still cannot comprehend the devastation on the East Coast...the weather is something we still have no control over.The power of storms to do so much damage never ceases to awe me..

    Perfect meal for a man,and a man needs to drink his coffee or tea from a mug!

  6. Oh my goodness, such a bad storm. So glad you are all ok and the roof can be repaired. Beautiful breakfast. Thanks for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty


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