Monday, October 29, 2012

A Stroll Around the House

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Friday night  I  hosted  a  Pray for our Nation  event in our  home which necessarily meant   tidying up the place a bit...  then as I took a stroll about the   house  making  that final inspection  of the  seating along   with a bit of  white glove   action...     I  was relatively pleased....
except I do   think   we  have too much furniture,,,  but   however does one ever   choose   the  piece to  send to   goodwill  or  whatever... too many memories!!
Choosing the   right  lighting that  sets  that  cosy,  comfy   attitude of home ....   is often on  my   mind
 My  "Secret  Place"  where I   love to  go to meet with    the Father,  is  that  far corner
 seems   uncommonly crowded   here   with  extra seating   crowding in  and   the  boom box  there  to  aid us  in   our   praise time!  But I  can hardly think of a  better  reason   to     bring the uncommon  into play   as  when  my dearest friends gather in my home   for prayer!

I  loved how the autumn  afternoon light   filtered into  the sunroom   and yes,  and uncommon   paste board box of  canning   jars  for  my  dear friend Lois  who   is so faithful    with her   garden  produce!

So often    my photos  are focused on just  a  vignette here or arrangement there....   today,  the  whole  is   demonstrated to be   a very eclectic  assortment that comes together to make  our house our home!


  1. What a lovely thing to do. My husband and I were observing some things in our community and have said we need to gather together to pray and perhaps to fast for our country. I'll tell him of this idea - I know it is wonderful for you to spruce your home up to prepare for this gathering - I know this is exactly what our God asks us to do - you have completely blessed me today - I do appreciate you sharing with A Return to Loveliness,

  2. You have a truly beautiful and lovely home - and I am sure eveery guest always feels your warmth and hospitality.

    What a truly neat prayer night you hosted, we ALL need to be doing that more! You have given me an idea! Thank you!

    And thanks for your pretty home tour.


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