Monday, October 22, 2012

One Thousand Gifts (256-264)

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256.  Opportunities to   visit our  daughter and son-on-law  in new England  in autumn....awesome!
257.  Admiring the rocky coast of Maine  and tasting  the  rich  sublime flavors of   true  New England chowder
and  sumptuous  lobster dishes!!!

258.  Experiencing the grandeur of the Boston Symphony Hall and Ballet  Hall in one visit.....

259.  Riding through the country lanes   with  Amanda  to go apple picking  in October

260.  Hearing the doctor say.. everything looks   fine...   well,  except  that old weight issue  
261.   Seeing my parents   trying to settle in to their  new lives in their  perspective 90 and 93    their happiness is more and more difficult to maintain!
262.   Experiencing the  vast areas of marshlands  in Vermont   home to many kinds of birds and seeing the  v-formations of   birds in migration...   Just as I always   imagined it to be!....
263.  Blessings    from  many friends and family who looked in on  my parents and blessed them with   treats and   opportunities to   be together  while  Lynn and I were  gone on our vacation!   (mainly,  Kevin and Jan,  as well as , Bobbi)  Thanks   so much!!!!!
264.  Opportunities to   stay in the most charming and  delightful  b and b's  on our trip....


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