Saturday, October 20, 2012

More of our visit with the Kids part 8

I have already shared  in  a recent post   of a   surprise,  a thrilling   adventure ,  when  we   enjoyed the Boston Symphony   and heard  guest violinist Joshua bell  !   Awesome!!!    Well, on our return weekend   ... just last Saturday,   the kids   had  another   awesome surprise for  us....   another  trip into Boston...
 The Boston Opera House
   Magnificent   in itself....
   But we were there to see...
War Horse Boston | Boston Opera House
War Horse
Words do not   adequately   describe  just how   fantastic    this  play   was !!!
War Horse Boston Opera House
The   puppets  of    the horses  were   magnificent  and so very life-life....   however  they were able to portray World War I  was beyond understanding   and   more than  miraculous...  but   everyone  in attendance w  completely  captivated and   caught up in the  intensity and  the  drama...   I will never forget this   awesome  event!!!

  Then on Sunday

following   church    at Park Street
   where   we  enjoyed  the followup   lesson on Deuteromony in Sunday school
Amanda  took us to Cambridge to see her   workplace....  we are so proud of  her   accomplishments in   the field of cancer  research!... and  then we   had  the wonderful opportunity to  dine  in Melrose, MA   at Turner's Seafood...   I had 
Black &Bleu Wild Jumbo ShrimpBlackened wild shrimp with orange marmalade vinaigrette drizzle, fried bleu cheese risotto cake, sautéed vegetables 

I am telling everyone  right now...   this  food   has got to be tasted to be  believed....    the   depth   and   combination  of flavors  was   tantalizing!
Hahaha,   last but not least    I    must  relate       one more   incident  of our   visit....   A  dear  friend   I know  from  facebook who lives in Maine,  Dan, had  double dog dared me to   try a Moxie  while I was  in New England....I , having never heard of a Moxie,  was   at least intrigued and  couldnt  turn  down a  DDD.. so 

I found one   and   we all  imbibed....!!!

As the sunset  on our  New  England trip,   we    have to   say  our  dreams and hopes for a  safe,  happy,   vacation  were   exceptionally  exceeded... the love,  surprises and  special treasures  tucked away in each memory   will   last a lifetime!

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