Monday, October 29, 2012

Reading on a Dark and Stormy Night!

  The  Little Red House   hosts  this   party every week.   Just  like   me ,   Mary, is     writing   about  this Frankenstorm....     everyone  is     concerned about  weather  today,  as  they should be   according to the  weather advisories...   For us here in   our  part of Virginia ,  we are   hoping that perhaps we will   miss the brunt of   the  storm... and perhaps not lose our   power this time...we just  dont  know what  we  have in  store for us do we....   But  again as I posted   before,   as long as we have the Lord  we   have nothing  really to fear....   He is in control of  all things   for  His own purposes!
I took this photo  yesterday   as  the   storm  clouds  gathered  from the outer bands of Sandy  over our region!
And  I   am   completely   excited  that   when the   winds  begin to howl tonight  and the  rain peppers  against the pane...  I will be content  with  my  favored  pastimes!
  I have plenty of  Bible Study   for  my Community Bible Study   class  in Ephesians,  or   I   can   enjoy  my  Kathleen Morgan's  books  I checked out from the   church library....   Im  set!!

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  1. Indeed, it looks like you are all ready for the stormy weather, nice and cozy with your books. I hope you stay safe, but if you lose your power, I hope you have plenty of candlelight for your reading!


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