Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Vacation part 4 Vermont and New Hampshire

Unfortunately,   our   New England   in  autumn    trip was   marred by a  couple of   unforeseen   natural   occurrences...   we   missed  the peak...   we actually   were there between  the   brilliant  maples and  just before the turning   oaks...   also,   it rained  both days we  had   set aside for   Vermont and NH... but   the     touring  was  still   gorgeous!!!!
 Our first stop was the  town of Keene, NH!

 I love the   village green    with its  gazebo  ,  this one was   decorated with   pumpkins galore  last year....
 A drive north along the   river  took us through  lovely   farmland!

 Until we came to   the Vermont Country Store.....   where   one can find the most   rare of items  ..... 
The   foothills  into the green Mountains     offered  beautiful vistas!

 I   was   totally   enraptured with  this  friendly fellow we   encountered  south of Grafton, Vermont!!

 Until we returned to Brattleboro where  we  viewed this   gorgeous old church.....   
ON to Maine, part  5 tomorrow...  you'll going to love that!!!!

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