Thursday, October 18, 2012

Visitin' Amanda part 7

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Thursday Favorite Things

For me  one of  most favorite things is  getting  to visit  our daughter and son-in-law in their   lovely home...  problem is....  it  is  12 hours drive away  so  we   get to  about  once a year...they  do visit   with us  most  regularly   but   to see   Amanda in her home is very special to me....Even though  she  works  very hard in cancer research    she is still a very dedicated housewife,   home decorator, and   chef  extraordinaire!!!
ON Friday  we left  Maine  and headed  due south   back to Amanda's ....we usually  try to  avoid  interstates   but  we were   looking  so forward to arriving   we   took   495   and   gladly   exited  onto   a lovely  state road to finish our  journey..

To explain a bit... Amanda   is   very health when the opportunity arose to  buy into a  farm    and  meat share in their  community   they   jumped right in....   Now  Amanda's   freezer is   stocked   to the brim for  the long   winter months  and   each  week   a lovely   carton of   every  kind of fresh veggie arrives at their home one way or another!!!  Saturday it was our turn to  go pick up!!!!

 We had a blast  getting to watch Joshua   go pumpkin pickin'!
 We took advantage of the wait  to take a few photos!!!
Meanwhile  back home   we  got to enjoy the fruits  of   their labors .....   

Just a peek a t  their home  Amanda   has always  dealt with   pulling together     their  own style     with  a  mix match of   hand me down  as most young couples do...   but she has learned the   marvelous   trick of  upholstery  
as evidenced by the  gorgeous    bench in their  foyer that has  been revitalized and  certainly modernized  beautifully....   I   didnt   photo  much   to    honor their  privacy   but I must  say       their  personal  style is now   100%     including   gorgeous  art and   design elements....   Im a very proud  mama.....

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  1. And proud you should be Thank you for taking us with you on your trip to make happy memories with your daughter. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop. Wishing you a beautiful weekend xo


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