Wednesday, October 17, 2012

New England Trip part 2

 The next day we were on the road again for  Massachusetts to see our   family!  I  must admit Im always  glad to have the Newburgh Bridge in NY   behind me....
 Our  darling daughter   always   treats us to such warm welcomes and fine  home cooked meals!
 But on Saturday   evening   we enjoyed a surprise!A drive into Boston to ...
any evening with the Boston Symphony!!!  
The guest was none other  than  Joshua Bell... my  favorite  violinist!!!!!!
The programme::

TCHAIKOVSKY - Romeo and Juliet, Fantasy-overture
BERNSTEIN - Serenade (after Plato’s Symposium) for violin and orchestra
DVOŘÁK - Symphony No. 8
 Sunday morning   we  enjoyed  a return trip to Boston to  church at  Park Street!!!!
ON Monday   Amanda  was off  work  so we   enjoyed  a leisurely  breakfast   then  met  Joshua  and we   took them to lunch at  our favorite  area   restaurant...Blue Ginger in Wellesley.

Owner,  celebrity chef. Ming Tsai!
I enjoyed   the 

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