Thursday, October 18, 2012

Vacation part 5 By the Sea

 Wednesday   dawned  with  more rain and drizzle....
Nevertheless, we   set our  gps for  parts  east....we had  reservations an inn...but   first  we ahd to stop for   food,.... at Mabel's Lobster Claw!!!Mabel blessed us   mightily! 
We got there  early  and she   took us in without  a reserved table! Then we   arrived a t the Bufflehead Cove Inn!
We  had the Garden room waiting for us!

 The fireplace felt  wonderful   it was  such a  cold drizzle!

 We  loved our room...  

Right outside our door....berries
 and grapes....  lovely!
 The main room of the  bed and breakfast    was   charming     .. like  an old sea captain's   home....

 We were  already looking forward to breakfast!

 We  wondered what the morrow had in store for us!!!!
And  graciously,      we  awakened to  sun !!!

 One of the things I  loved  about   this inn  was the setting  on the  tidal river....  if only it felt warm enough  to eat out on the porch!!!!

 Alas,  we were served inside,  but  breakfast more than made up for everything!  

 We could hardly wait to  get back to our room and load up   for the day   of   touring!!!

 Wonders  of  God's  creation   were  awaiting us!!!!

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