Monday, October 1, 2012

One Thousand Gifts (256-267)

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256.   Today   being   October 1  it is thrilling to be   joining  Ann   in   the   quest for  Joy... crazy joy....  
257.  I  find joy lately  in  seeing the  move of the Spirit in the earth,  our church,   the world.
258.  Over 35  people from our church joined our prayer meeting  Friday night...awesome!
259.  A fellow blogger in  London, England  wrote   this week  of the   spark of revival he is experiencing in his church  and in the  UK!   The bells are  ringing!!!!
260.  Hope is abounding  in our nation  with prayer, pressing in to God and repentance!
261.    Refreshing rain is   gently   falling on  our  newly sown  lawn!
262.  My  mom and dad   are   sounding   better and better   when I speak to them on the phone.
263.   The love and kindness of God's children
264.Spiritual power from   God to  envision and obey
265.    To receive the gifts  of God's love and provision  and recognize that every good gift comes from our heavenly Father....
266.   The culmination of  a long awaited   opportunity   is   advancing  swiftly and I  can't wait, I am so charged with joy and expectation!
267.  October has finally come!
Autumn  sunsets are the very best!

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  1. This is a lovely list & I am also excited to anticipate some crazy joy in my life as I request more of this precious fruit of the Spirit from the Father of lights Who loves to give us good gifts! Can't say I was looking forward to October but now that it is here I remember what a beautiful month it is. Love & prayers, in Jesus, Cynthia


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