Thursday, October 18, 2012

Our Lovely Maine Holiday part 6

 My photo-logue says it all!
The teal of the blue water  was so majestic!!
The rocky shore.... picturesque!

The flag at the Bush compound was flying
which means GW was in town!

This cormorant was  busy   sunny himself!!!

The marsh lands in New England     are so expansive,,, no wonder so many   water fowl are seen flying  in  v-formation   ..  as an elementary teacher   teaching   reading so many of our  stories were set in NE   and   flocks of   sea fowl  were  drawn in many  illustrations.....   I  believe that is what made  NE  seem so special to me   from the start!  

Downtown  Kenne Bunkport  has  many   shops  to lure   you  in   .....   I'll share about   my  shopping experiences later!!

As the day wore on we   traveled  along  highway one north to Freeport to    the  outlets....

Upon our return   we decided to dine  at   a favored   destination ...  I had called from Freeport to  make our reservation.....
ON the Marsh  is  right on Route 9 on the way into  town....  situated  right on the marsh....  the setting  was fabulous!

I loved the harlequin  posts  and topiaries... the  views  from every window...sublime!!!

Pan-Seared Sea Scallops And Lobster

House-Made Gnocci, Pancetta, Butternut Squash, Chick Stock, 

Butter, Shallots, Brussels Sprouts
The only item this meal was missing was a  square of corn bread to sop  up all that  deliciousness!!!!!

The next morning   it was  hard to say goodbye to the inn...   this   precious family   came out to see us off!

One more  swing   by the   shore...

and then   it was   southward     for us....  back to Amanda's!

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