Monday, October 29, 2012

Happy Homemaker Monday

Let's join Sandra , author of the Diary of the Stay at Home Mom,, living Simply and loving God..
I love to use her whole blog title... it says so much!!!
The Weather:::
Right now it is much colder and very windy as hurricane Sandy barrels ever closer to our east coast.. Earlier today the "eye" of the storm seemed to have our nation's capitol right in the center of the bull's eye.... come to think of it... that isnt so very surprising!

Right now I am: 
I am so very thankful to know that even though Amanda, our dear daughter, who had to take the train into Boston for work today to attend an important meeting, is now leaving in the safety of her coworker's car on her way home... 

I am hoping that those who live in harm's way will be wise and evacuate if told to and not be a hazard to others in any rescue efforts.... 
On my reading pile:::
I am enjoying the works of Kathleen Morgan... just read Child of the Mist and am reading Wings of the Morning... both books are part of the These Highland Hills series... I also have Morgans' short story One Perfect Gift, from the Culdee Creek Christmas series. 
All books are perfect reads for this dreary windy days and nights.... just as if I were actually living on the moors of the highlands!

On my tv:::
Funny to say, I really got caught up in the Oxygen network over the weekend.. and watched Pride and Prejudice at least 3 times.... Jane Austen over Halloween stories anyday!!! Otherwise, it's Cooking or Home channels for me! Sometimes, an occasional old film on TMC

On the menu for this week:::
Well, since we are looking at the probability of power outage, Im not planning anything at this time!  Update...  my  sweetheart is   busily   making   homemade chili  to  have   for dinner tonight  to stave off the  cold!!!!!!

On my to do list:::
Shopping for storm supplies... thankfully, we found a new Sony acdc radio and thankfully, it is wonderfully strong and has a fabulous sound , as well, we stocked up on batteries, easy to eat food, fruit and snacks!!
Cleaning the kitchen well, straightening the house
Getting candles, oil lamps, and flashlights ready 

       What I am sewing, crocheting, knitting or creating:::

gathering items for creating my Christmas planners

Looking around the house:::
Lynn, my dear sweetie has taken the mail to the post office, the kitchen is tidy, the dishes are drying in the drainer, there is a bit of mess to contend with on the dining room table from our morning excursion, the den is all tidy and ready for afternoon enjoyment if the power stays on. I dont wish to look too closely in my studio where I am sitting... it could use a bit of organizing... not bad but getting a bit out of hand!!!
                                      From my camera:

I took this photo as we left our driveway Saturday.. the trees making such a lovely canopy over the street.... wont look that way much longer with this wind!!! The trees are already nearly bare!!

                                        On my prayer list:::
I join with Sandra as my prayers are concentrated on the East Coast, on all those in the path of this horrible storm. May the Lord watch over and protect them. This includes many friends and family members... praying for their safety and the safety of their property! I also have friends who have been touched by this fungal meningitis outbreak, for their healing and against the complications that arise form this horrible infection!

                                   Bible verse, Devotional:::

Very truly I tell you, my Father will give you whatever you ask in my name. Until now you have not asked for anything in my name. Ask and you will receive, and your joy will be complete. John 16. 23-24. We are to ask as Jesus would ask... according to His precious character and his awesome power, by His name , not tacking on the words, "In Jesus name" to the end of our prayers.... by His unfailing love, mercy, and desire to heal, restore, and provide!!!

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  1. Yes that is good news for your daughter!!! I know you hated for her to leave but Thank the Good LOrd He has provided a safe way home.

    I hope & pray all will be well there!!


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