Saturday, December 6, 2008

Cookie Swap

My goodness, have I been busy today! On Tuesday my women's Bible Study group is having a cookie swap so I anted to make gingerbread men. I actually bought a mix which included the cutter and the dry ingredients to which I added an egg and molasses. I have to say this was a great thing because they were a dream to mix up, roll out and cut. They baked up quickly and I was decorating them soon there after, although altogether i was in the kitchen 4 hours. I have 3 dozen bagged in 6 small baggies with 6 in each. Then I had 2 dozen left over for the group to munch. By the time I got around to decorating the 2 dozen of munchers, my icing was not as fluid and was not nearly as pliable. These did not come out as pristinely beautiful as the first one decorated., But at least they are finished the the girls will have a good taste. because the mix was in the health food section of Krogers, a cookie only has 8 carbs, which is really good. These are the left overs! Believe me, the bagged ones were much more beautiful!
Check back next week for photos of the cookie exchange! It is gonna be great!
PS Amanda is baking her 6 bags of six and is coming down to join in the fun.

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  1. Those look delish! I don't like frosted cookies but they always look so fun.


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