Monday, December 22, 2008

The Simple Woman Daybook and Live Nativity

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FOR TODAY ~ December 22, 2008

Outside my window...everything is frosty. For the first full day of winter it has come in with a bang! The fierce wind is creating below zero windchill.

I am thinking... I love this time. The kids are here for Christmas and actually Amanda just got up on her way to the bathroom and is waving her sweet hand at me! Precious!
I am thankful times together. We had a lovely Festival of Lights dinner, celebrating Jesus is the Light of the world with my parents and the kids last night! It was beautiful and and then we had much fun sitting in the candle and tree light afterwards just sharing! Then we went to see a live nativity and looked at the lights!

From the kitchen...I can still smell the the wonderful aroma of Grandma's Apple Sauce cake we baked yesterday. I need to make the caramel icing this morning. Lynn is actually downstairs this morning making breakfast! His famous pancakes and sausage!YUM!

I am pj's and terry robe! Snuggly!

I am creating...a happy home and wonderful memories!

We am the outdoor market today. place to carouse during Christmas week, and we're having lunch at the new barbecue place there. Then we are going to see the movie, Australia! Very excited!

I am reading...probably no time for reading this week!

I am hoping...I would love snow for Christmas! However, it would take a miracle! Temps are supposed to rebound!

I am sounds coming from Lynn's busy hands downstairs, and cars zooming past on a connecting street- folks on their way shopping, I suppose! It is nearly 9am.

Around the house...just keeping things picked up making a spot on the dining room table for Joshua to spread out his thesis typing he will work on tomorrow while we girls go visiting! Lynn will be getting the fireplace ready and a fire laid today!

One of my favorite things...sitting around a roaring fire enjoying carols and the Christmas tree lights!

A few plans for the rest of the week:Market, lunch out and movie today, Visiting, enjoying the Christmas spirit with friends and family and viewing ancient slide shows from my parents and our archives on Tuesday, Wednesday- mopping mom's bathroom floor and giving the rest of her house the once over early and then going there for Christmas Eve. Joshua's parents and special friends will be joining us all for dinner and carolling. Then the kids will perform on their violins at a beautiful church downtown at 9, Christmas Day, I do a Christmas brunch and then we enjoy presents and just resting around the fire listening to music! And then the kids will be leaving and going to Joshua's family! Regular life resumes on Friday!

Here are some pictures I would love to share. My dearest friend, Dottie, took these last night at the live Nativity!


  1. Oh, how beautiful the living Nativity is! I'm wishing you a very blessed and Merry Christmas,
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. Hello friend! It's been SOOO long! I feel terrible about not being on here to comment - Things have been crazy around here. I am finally able to enjoy the internet again!! I hope you are doing well and enjoying a lovely Christmas! I hope you will still stop by to say hello!

  3. Great day book Schotzy!! I love your day book entries and I adore the pictures of that living nativity! How wonderful! I hope that you have a very blessed and Happy Christmas! XXOO


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