Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Our Ageless Care Group

We had a wonderful time of fellowship this morning at the Ageless group Wednesday meeting. We are named Ageless because our ages range from young adult to well into the eighties, but we're all very young in spirit. Today mom and I did the refreshments but mom was feeling too under the weather to attend so I told her I'd put it on the blog. The holly came from her tree and she made those delectable chocolate yummies everyone loves so much.Photobucket
I made a cranberry walnut bread and cut up some fruit. It was just enough- but the food wasn't the highlight of the day. The Presence of the Lord and His Glory was so evident through the service. Our teacher, Marlene, has such depths of insight and the fellowship as a whole is some entrenched in intimacy with the Holy spirit and to be there is like a huge slice of heaven.Today Marlene introduced the book of Joel and demonstrated just how clearly it relates to our world today. Oh, how the church needs to repent- turn back to God , be renewed and pray for God to deliver us from His wrath and the consequences of the perversity in our society.
Our worship was so sweet as our dear sister, Jan played the whole set of carols in the hymnal and we called our home bound families and sang and prayed for them over our phones. It was so sweet! We all heard the angels singing with us!


  1. Wonderful post - just what this season is about.

    Thank you for your visits to my nativity blog. I just wanted to let you know that I just posted about the second holiday giveaway. Here's the link:


  3. Sounds like a wonderful get together Schotzy. I miss things like this with my job. I am always working. Because I work a split shift each day with only a few hours in between shifts I can't really do very much in the days or the evenings! I am blessed to have a job though so I am not complaining!


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