Monday, February 9, 2009

I Got 2 Valentines Today

But now from just anyone, but 2 very special folks I have met through my online Groups and blogging. I have the most wonderful connections through this medium. The first one was from my Mitford Secret Pal. This was is especially wonderful because of the thrill of not actually knowing who it is, even though I do know it is someone very special, as all the ladies there ARE... but because she spoke a scriptural blessing over me. Having the Word of God spoken over you is tantamount to standing in the heavenlies and being loved on by the Savior. THank you SP so much!PhotobucketPhotobucket
And then I received a valentine from Gina!
Photobucket Isn't that the cutest thing, and the envelop was darling as well. You can visit her here. I know you will love the visit!


  1. Isn't it nice when we get a card in the mail in this electronic world. I love that photo of your Bliss Tea.
    Roberta Anne

  2. How wonderful! I especially like the Mary Englebreit one! :)

  3. How nice! Getting cards in the mail can make for such a happy day. ;-)

    The first card is very elegant and beautiful, and I love the whimsy of ME cards.

  4. You definitely should mention that the little girl on that valentine looks exactly like I looked 15 years ago!! Even with her yellow cat!!!!! So funny how someone that hasn't even met you or me sent you that cute card!

    Love you and hope your dr appt tomorrow goes well!

  5. Aaaww, I love it when nice things happen to nice people!! Glad you were blessed!!
    Hope you have a great week!


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