Friday, February 6, 2009

My Husband Rocks

I have to say that my dear husband in the light khaki shorts looks pretty good here at last summer's Sunday School picnic. Lookin' good at 59, I'd say!
This week Katy asks us to share what we like to do for fun. We definitely enjoy our time together. I am always trying to get him to come home early especially on Fridays to extend our weekend time together. We enjoy planning our life, what we wish to do and how regarding home management, budgeting, what we need to do around the house, etc. We are now in the habit of taping each episode of 24 which is the only nightly show we watch, but Monday is not a good viewing night so we look forward to our tv night together, ususally on a Thursday. And would you believe it? Lynn has really gotten into What Not to Wear with me- we sometimes watch it as we eat dinner. He is mesmerized by the transformations.
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  1. The man in the gray slacks looks a little like George Bush. Did he show up for your picnic now that he is a man of leisure? What a nice post about your marriage and how you plan together.
    Roberta Anne


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