Monday, February 2, 2009

The Simple Woman Daybook

FOR TODAY february 2, 2009
Outside my window... a new day is dawning relatively clear and mild temperatures. I will be subbing day 6 in a row today. Lord, please give me strength!
I am thinking...
today being Groundhog Day, I wonder if he 'll see his shadow or not. It is supposed to rain today!
I am thankful for...the opportunity to get these sub days in even though they have been difficult!
From the kitchen...another quiet day in my kitchen Lynn is packing my lunch, though, ain't he something!!
I am slacks and black ribbed turtle neck and red velvet jacket.
I am creating...hopefully, an attitude of quiet and learning today! Pray for me!
I am be purchasing a print of a gorgeous painting a teacher friend did as a retirement gift for my cohort Judy when she retired a couple of years ago.
I am reading...Shadow Music by Julie Garwood.
I am hoping...the students have a pleasant attitude today. With fifth graders one never quite knows what to expect.
I am hearing...absolutely nothing!
Around the house...things are quiet and there are no plans right now for any changes.
One of my favorite things...time spent over coffee with a friend. I have really enjoyed those special times set aside for catching up together.
A few plans for the rest of the week: subbing, tomorrow I'm off for parent teacher conferences, so i can go to Esther Bible study, Wednesday and Thursday subbing, Wednesday night we begin our first Christian Life University class on the world vs. Christian view . Really looking forward to that! Friday, my subbing is over! and I hope to just recuperate!
Here is a picture I thought I'd share with you:
This fiery sky was taken last week on our way to Wednesday night church! I am always mesmerized by God's palette and emotional sweep of His brush! There you can see the church in the distance!


  1. Good morning. i am enjoying reading your posts. I also enjoy coffee with friends. Hoping you have a good day with your class. It is neat about your picture and wanting to go to Scotland


  2. Great picture Mom. I guess taking pictures out the car window pays off!! haha!

    Love you,

  3. That picture is breathtaking. How wonderful that you had your camera with you (like a good blogger!). :-)


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