Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Come Stroll Around with Me, Please

  I am delighted to have been featured on    A Return to Loveliness. I have followed  Kathy's beautiful; blog  from  almost the very beginning   of my   blogging  experience in 2008.    When  God spoke to us in His Word " Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things"  Phil. 4:8     I believe  He  was speaking of   Kathy's blog.... I am always   uplifted  by my  visits there!

Come take a stroll with me around the house,  won't you.. we'll   stroll  from room to room....    Living in a 1930's English Tudor home  is not   what  I suppose   the younger  generation is  looking  for   ...   I love the charm of  an older house...even though  I do not  have open    sight lines...  as I sit here in the kitchen a t my computer  station, this is   w hat I can see    .. right into the hall...

 and if I bend way over I can see   into  the  living room!

and   from the kitchen I can see into the dining room
So  I   walk into the  dining room    it's is just off to the  left  of my desk
  from there  I can see into the  living room  through the  typical  archway
 A few steps around the  table  bring me  right to the  threshold
 Looking back  into   the  dining room
Our house  makes one   circular path....   making    a sudden right  I'm  back  into the hall
a stopover in the  tv room.
 photo Springinterior4-08008.jpg
  and then back into  the kitchen..
 out to the    sunroom..
 photo utumninhome008.jpg
 photo Sunroomautumn006.jpg

 photo Sunroomautumn007.jpg
now that we have  blinds all around the room,  it is cosier than ever!

  and back to the kitchen...  the heart of the home!
  I love   my   old,  very   charming     home....  with it's   chambers set  apart    for  various   purposes...
So  I  step  back over to my  computer station   (Ha..hA..ha  right below the  one  cabinet door that    hasn't  been finished   because  it had to be reordered and   took weeks to get it  installed...  well, it is what it is.... It's on the  painting schedule for later this week!)

   but   I think about    what   young buyers are looking for in a they not realize that wide open spaces are  drafty....  or that  once  retirement comes  hubby and wife  really don't want to be sharing the same space all the time....  I love   the  demarcation of separation... as did our  daughter and her boyfriend when they were dating.  
Yes,  I   really love our  cosy     home  down   our  leafy lane
 photo 2012-10-25011149_zps166116ec.jpg
 but  we aren't getting any younger   and  I  just wonder  what   a prospective buyer would  have to say about  a home like ours.... our daughter says that the pendulum  is swinging back to more   traditional homes in Massachusetts...   but  I have yet to  see  that trend  change on the home  network....   so I just continue to say I  prayer each time I traverse to the second floor... and  am thankful  to have  a home filled to the brim with  charm, blissful memories,  and loads of love!


  1. thanks for the stroll, your home is very lovely.

  2. Loved touring your home, Schotzy! I will be featuring your post in this week's A Return to Loveliness,

  3. Wow, you have a beautiful home! I enjoyed the tour.


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