Saturday, October 17, 2015

PInk Saturday

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I am honored to have been featured in last week's  Pink Saturday....   thankfully,  tis the season of  anything goes,    for things arent too pink  here  at this time....unless you count these photos I took during facetime of  our very talented  2 year old  granddaughter......  

I ain't bragging... just stating the facts, ma'a m!
  But,  here it is   just how pleased I am to finally have my  computer station  situated  where the action is... right in the kitchen  in my own little corner....
 photo IMG_5423_zpsywbdk9te.jpg
Good news...   well, and sort of bad....  my new printer   was  a lemon  and so we took it back and got our money back... but  I am glad to  have more space.. I just have to figure out how to live without one...  until  we  get  networked.    Soon I will  redo this  desk top and share     my new   glorious space....
 Sitting here  I can look right out into the  hall.  

and if I lean in just a tad  I can enjoy the  mantel  all aglow.  or
if I   look  to my    left I am  smiling into the dining room!
 photo IMG_5429_zpstwxn7bya.jpg
I  especially like being on the same  floor with hubby.....  we now have battle of the  sounds.. his game  vs.  my pandora!  Life is  sweet!

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  1. Enjoyed the tour of your home. The child is so smart and precious.


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