Saturday, October 31, 2015

Gentle Lights of Autumn

Candlelight   as well as  all other   accent lighting  that  gently sets a tone  or mood for the evening   are  all part of the welcoming ambiance of  an Autumn celebration!

 photo Joshuabd001.jpg
Doesnt matter the formality of the meal...
 photo 532a49ab.jpg

 photo autumn2010312.jpg

 photo autumn2010316.jpg
or   whether it is  real  firelight or  electric....
 photo May2012009.jpg
the    warming glow  still has its  effects!
 photo MidOctober2011030.jpg
The gentle light even  enhances an otherwise  quiet  afternoon!
 photo autumnaroundhome020-1.jpg

it elevates the     rhythm  of  mirth  around a table
 photo 5f1d7b39.jpg
or  subdues  the  tone    for  elegance
 photo 3f43c606.jpg
as the light  reflects    form  one    surface to another!
 photo 24fa0af2.jpg
candlelight  can  quiet  a soul
 photo autumntable010.jpg
and  welcomes all to enter in and   enjoy the repast!
 photo tablescape013.jpg
The  welcome light     is an invitation  to  come in and     sit a spell and   enjoy   an evening   with us!
 photo autumnevening005.jpg
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  1. I adore candlelight! Everything looks so lovely!
    Happy Halloween! Stop by if you get a chance!

    Cottage Blessings,
    Chippy White Cottage

  2. Everything looks so wonderful and I have taken away some ideas to incorporate! Thanks!


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