Monday, October 5, 2015

Joy dare (780-785)

Ann Voskamp introduced us to    the daily habit of    finding the joy  all around us   in her book, 1000 Gifts. On her website she encourages   taking part in the Joy Dare    and you can find everything you need to know here!Here is my Joy Dare for  thefirst week of October with Ann Voskamp
780.    For the brilliant sunshine  after   13 days of rain!

781.  That we have the freedom to assemble   to worship, prayer to, and learn  more about our Lord and Savior,  Christ Jesus  and   our Holy Father!!  We must never take that for granted!

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783.  The  glory  and the  great   fun of the season,..  in color and richness of    variety and  great taste.... I love autumn!

784.  I so enjoy the laughter of   the  children  who  recently moved in next door....  it has been a while since  we had  children  around   here....  Now this is  quite different form the wailing banshees  when school is in session and all the classes are outside  across the street...    After 30 years of   3rd graders  I  loved  each adn everyone of them,  but  in unison  they can  become a melee of     cacophony...  I am just now  losing the  auto reflex of saying ' SHHH"  as I walk past  people  talking..  But  seeing  and hearing  our dear neighbors  out playing on thew eekend is so  dear....  I am so reminded of  our  darling daughter  playing in the autumn leaves  this time of year!    Sweet memories!
 785.  It is a  glorious thing  but also a bit challenging....  all of the  special choir practices added to  the schedule just for the Christmas Pageant...  But what a joy it is to   prepare for the new music and  to  be together with  dear  choir friends....  it is so  scary though how fast  the year comes seems like we just did  our yuletide  program  just  such a  short time ago!  
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