Monday, October 12, 2015

The Importance of Gratitude

My mind has been on Thanksgiving a lot today....  Our next prayer event is  about how important Thanksgiving is  to our spiritual  formation and prayer life...  so I have been  researching the Scriptures  and  seeking   appropriate  verses    as  headings for the various  group headings  for our  prayer  time... We are   utilizing the  ACTS  format

It was a glory time for me   as I  meditated on these  topics..  
Then it was time for me to join  hubby downstairs to make some serious decisions regarding  what to  purge and what to keep from my parents' household...  I found  their Bibles... it was a thrill to find my  dear  Granny's  (born 1895) Bible  where she had written the  birth dates and full names of  her  four baby sons who  were still born..  two before my  dad and 2 after him   from 1917-1923.  I  just  sat and looked at those precious names that I had never  seen before...
Here they a re written in her own hand....names that I had   heard spoken of,  but  really had no idea.... names  usually spoken in hushed tones....  what a treasure to me to  find her Bible that I knew   dad had spoken of having but  we  never could find....until today.  I also found  an old  lovely  well worn Bible  a great friend and neighbor  had given mom and dad when they moved  out of my childhood home to   be closer to their parents  in their  old age. I  want to give it to  Amanda,  as  it, too, is  in mom's precious hand and she had written  all the important dates of  Amanda's  aunts births and marriages...folks near and dear to Amanda's heart.
I think  what will mean a lot to Amanda is that this is the Bible dad carried to church each week from 1973-1997 when his eye sight started failing him and  we bought him the large print Bible. Dad passed 2 years ago this Christmas at age 94.
Precious memories!
And so then I  made  another  command decision about  Christmas this year...we are at an age  when  it is time to start  downsizing our " doing"  at the holidays...  oh, there will be decor aplenty,  but when I  transplanted this topiary in the living room    to decorate it for autumn...
As I was decorating it for  fall...

I thought  silly me....  I have  two of these   small trees.. I will just use one in the sun room  and this one in here and  decorate it throughout the year.....   and   not do  the  whole Christmas tree "thang"  this  year.... our babies arent coming ( whisper....Amanda will be having  her second baby!!!!)... and  for  my  fun and fellowship here this season ,  these trees will be  great....  I  am really looking forward to Christmas  now this  year,  because there is nothing worse than  taking down the Christmas tree after the holidays are over!!!!

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  1. Excited to see these bibles in person. Wish some of those names would give me some inspiration, but alas, all boys' names! great idea about the trees ;-) ;-) ;-)

    love you,


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