Saturday, October 24, 2015

Hearing from God part 5

So   the previous  introduction   to part 5      is pretty grim....  but  Christians  do seem to be  somewhat befuddled about who God is....  and it  all boils down to     the symptoms   discussed  in  the  Post  Christian syndrome... I don't know about you,   but  cold chills  go all over me every time I even think of Post Christian anything...  I mean "post______" means " after_______ " like  post war  etc.  Yet we are living in the Post Christian era.. I mean just look how much more  Christian persecution is happening now, not only the world, but here in the US.  Christians  are losing their voice.  Everyone  else has the right to    speak and expect  government and society to  cater to their   belief system.. or lack of one,  which in itself is still a  belief system.  But Christians more and more  face an uphill battle   in  the marketplace  or in the media  ....  because we  are  deemed  not  tolerant,  we  are not accepting.. we  are  out of the main stream thinking, therefore our voice    is  to be opposed.  Why has this happened?  We've allowed it,  firstly...  we have given in to pressure.... we  have given satan license  to control us.  And he appears to be winning.  Well,  when  we are faithful  children of God...  we  can not be tolerant...  He is the One true way.. there is no other!  His  Truth is  absolute!  We stand on His word alone, no matter what  society or government  says...  Because God is the highest authority.  This corrupt world has  turned itself over to immoral, corrupt,  deceptive, satan  who is our enemy,  and   that puts us out of the main stream, but  we still must stand for  Truth, righteousness, and  the Way.   But  for far too long the church has been silent.  We have been  inactively hiding the light of Christ under  our basket  so that the darkness has  taken over  our communities, our  states, our nation! Is it too late?  I pray not.. for as long as  God still speaks to His children,  chides them,    to  do something.. testing them to see if they will follow through and actually  do something,  there is hope.As I have been writing this section,    I am realizing there is no formula to make things better...  wouldn't that be great if  you could  cook up  a recipe and things would  be different...    but  change is   possible, but it isn't a physical change in the  true sense...  it all  begins internally.  for  unfortunately there are rotten potatoes in the bin....  me and you!  We need  healing and transformation from the inside out  before we can truly  create  a change  by the power of the Holy Spirit.   I  am going to  leave here now because  if you re following along with me.... I think we both  need to come to grips  with  our own rottenness.  What  should I have done that I didn't do?  How could my  life  during the  last  several years made a difference  for God.  Until each one of us can  admit our own  folly  in  this  nothing with change..  because what    we must do to  begin this internal work  is not going to be easy, but  we've got towant  it  more badly than anything we've ever wanted.  Spend some time in soul searching and prayer  until next time!

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