Monday, October 12, 2015

Happy Homemaker Monday

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The weather in my neck of the woods:
Another gorgeous autumn day...   a bit of fog which makes it even cosier!

Things that make me happy: 

Thinking about and planning  Grandma activities to do with Birdie  over  Christmas!   Creating a pnterest board of    for when we are   visiting   them  in December!!!!         

Book I'm reading:
I don't how I made it through  trials and  bad days  I have  had this year   with Jesus Calling  by Sarah
 Young..  Just as everyone I ever  spoke to  about it...  she  had to be led by the Spirit to pen this devotional, but it hits me, calms me and  comforts me each and every day! 
 I am also  doing the Armor of God  by Priscilla Shirer....  Awesome study!!!

What's on my TV today: 
I must remember   to   clear out the  dvr  recorder  for  some new shows this week Im sure I will miss....

On the menu for dinner:
Hamburgers  and salad

On my To Do List:
 laundry, fold  and put away
Research for the topic I feel in my Spirit the Lord is leading to  write on...   more about that later...  I am still working on this one and    the flyer as well  for  our upcoming  Christiinas United to Pray event in November
Bible Study

New Recipe I tried or want to try soon:
nothing at this time

In the craft basket:
  plans, plans, and more plans..  loving pinterest for help with this project. You can check my pinterest for   what I am  finding

Looking forward to this week:
getting the basement   purging  finished that  was  started over the weekend...  Things are looking up  down there!    ayyayayayayayaya

My favorite blog post this week: 
I really enjoy Sheila's  blog... and her  stories of her recent trip to England....  her blog is so uplifting and joyful  .....full of music and   happiness!

A newly discovered blog or youtube channel you would like to share with the readers:
Because  we  enjoyed  Michael Kitchens  in  Foyle's War so much.. I absolutely love this youtube  featuring his   very   engaging  acting style!!!!

No words needed (favorite photo or picture, yours or others you want to share):
                                  photo IMG_5397_zpszmqqamfx.jpg

Lesson learned the past few days:
I have been very  on and off again about  attending  the gym (water aerobics class) over the  severl months of our membership   which is  simply  ridiculous  and  ludricious to be spending that money...  I went last week, and loved it...  yes it is not easy to  get  the get up and  go and  get there and park and  everything   about the logistics... but the water  felt  sensational and  I need  the  low impact exercise so much!!!!    

On my mind:
I am very excited about  the work we are getting done in the basement... purchasing the  shelving to organize  seasonal  decorations   was  a great help... and  it alls tarted  becasue we did get just a bit of  wetness  from the torrential rains of lst week.   Everything had to be moved   out of the  coal storage room.... ( we do live in an older home) .  Now the main room has become  the  place to jsut  unload stuff ever since our daughter's wedding 10 years ago..   Since then  we  have  taken on  deceased   loved ones     hoousehold stuff    and  myriad other  stuff    of not our own.....  Today is get the  stuff I know we will never use out of the  main room of the basement and  take  a truckload of stuff to  Good Will!   YAYAYAYAYAYA

Devotionals, Scripture Reading, Key Verses:


  1. You decorate so beautifully! I've always wanted to read "Jesus Calling"!!

    1. Thanks so much for your kind comment, and I highly recommend Jesus calling!

  2. YAYA indeed for purging! Love the lights and your fall spread on the buffet. I probably need to take down my spring flowers, eh?!

    love you,


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