Tuesday, January 19, 2016

A Celebration of Winter

Wow, we awakened to  the arctic blast this morning....  16 degrees at 10am  feels like  -4 with  the wind!
I suppose most of you know that this  past Christmas  hubby and I  spent away from home..but not just a week like  perhaps we may have  done when our daughter was  young and we went to  grandma's,  but we were  in New England for  one month....  waiting for and  helping out after our second granddaughter  was born.  What a joy....  and Im am not complaining...  but,  I love Christmas here at home, too.  So Ive been doing a bit of  juggling things up around the house... removing the "really Christmassy"  stuff  but  incorporating the wintry  items  so we can  enjoy a bit more of the  holiday  experience  around  home.  I mean I am for sure still playing   my more  obscure  music... like   A Feast of Songs from the Middle Ages.
In preparation for  my  wintry  venture into   redoing  the  home  I  was aided by the sale at  Pier 1....  I  bought the  other   antler  sconce.....  I  am loving   the antler theme  in my  English  Tudor  home. And with  the  threat of a huge snowstorm on our horizon I  wintered up the mantel afresh...
I originally  had  this   lone  antler  candle holder  which I enjoyed  in various  applications
Over the holidays while in  Boston   I  found the    other one that rounded out the pair... 

I love  how  they compliment each other in  size and height 
For the holidays   my  sweet  Fox family    took primacy on the  mantle  and since they have decided to winter over with us,  they have  found a new home on the bookcase! 
This wintry  arrangement will  stay..  it  also serves  as our  night light in the evenings..  My frosty  winter flowers  arrangement  glistens with its  icy details,
Hidden within  the folds  is  my  lovely  budded  trinity cross 
As  I  start out my new year,  I am reminded of  the  marvelous Emmaus Walk I took  a few years ago...  and without giving away too many  wonderful  things  about the walk  which should be  a  new  discovery  for each participant, I will share that  we  were  suggested to hold a cross in our hands as we prayed...  It  truly  did make each prayer time more meaningful and opens  a sweet dialog between  myself  and  our  holy  Father, Son, and Holy Spirit to who, I pray.. all three of which are  represented on the  triad of circles on the end of each bar of the trinity cross!
Situated here in  a pertinent  place with  my candelabra I purchased a few years ago  that I light during  our family  celebration of Hanukkah and Passover....  for  me,  I think it is  very  edifying to   partake of  the  Jewish heritage  of our Lord Jesus.... as  we are  grafted in to the line of Jesse....There are  Messianic  programs to follow  online  that  really  exalts  Christ   in His kingship.  
I am purposing this year to  dedicate my life..  in  knowing   our Lord in a deeper  way through prayer,  study, and  celebration!!!  The days of  giving my mind over to the tumult in the earth are  gone...  now to  seek the One and true answer to the trials and tribulations  taking place about us! Click on for   another  freh idea  for our home!

Now for part 2 of this post
I seems  that about this time I start thinking of new home projects I  hope to  accomplish..and this time I am thinking of our bedroom...When I look at Houzz and other  sites on home decor I am always drawn to the  icy  and pale blues...  Hubby said  we  already had a blue bedroom  my goodness  over 30 years ago... in our first home   and it was a colonial blue... so I am  trying to  win him over!!!Now my  true purpose in wanting to change this up is because  I think  our bedroom is  quite outdated...    I  still love the dark green  but I am trying to think of  prospective home buyers...    and  even with the white  double hung  windows  on the  side wall  and the  wall papered  wall   say     old and  out dated  as that   tiny  tv on the dresser...  
Even as I look at these photos   I am thinking  wow  this has  got to go!

So this last week I happened to see the most  lovely  photo on  Cottage Style and Shabby Chic  
I realize I am  still  using  my  Cherry  furniture   and I will  probably  have to  redo the seat cover to the cedar  chest  that is  way to country anyway...  but I have already made a move  in this direction...
These sheers in white  over  new  2 in  blinds for all the windows
new    rods to match the  spindles on our  bed.
Chess Wood 4ft. Curtain Pole Set
And we have paint left over  from when we painted   our granddaughter's room  an icy blue...
#S490-2 Glacial Stream Exterior Paint
And one of the best  things I've done today  is to  reorganize all of my makeup  and  medications that  were stored in a plastic  bin in  our room and the bin is  now   empty in the basement... de-cluttering is  a main objective this spring!I can't do anything about the wonderful  architectural details in my  inspiration photo  but I can absolutely go for the clean fresh uncluttered look!  And I can hardly wait to go  fabric hunting...to redo that chair and chest  topper!YAYAYAY !

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  1. I really like the idea of celebrating Hanukkah. Years ago I tried to talk my hubby into it but he wasn't interested at the time. Now he is. He has been teaching on the end times and studying the Jewish festivals so I'm looking forward to celebrating these in the near future. I think it is wonderful when Christians learn about the heritage we have been grafted in to. Our Lord was Jewish after all. Congratulations on the birth of your new granddaughter and how lovely you were able to spend the holidays with your family! I love your mantel decorated with the antlers and snowflakes. It's very pretty. Thank you for sharing with us.


  2. Dear Schotzy:
    Your home is looking lovely post Christmas. I love the snowflake theme. Your foxes are enjoying their view too!

  3. ok, you need to bookmark this post, and i'll be reminding you that you're not focusing on the "tumult in the earth!" :-O btw, oy yoy, you definitely need to recover that chest- blegh!! :-)

    love you,

  4. I think you room will look lovely decorated and styled similar to the Shabby Chic inspiration photo that you found. Cool colors are my favorite. Can't wait to see what you do and how it all comes together for you.

    Thank you for sharing with us at Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop

    Olivia- Co-hostess
    Reinvented Collection


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