Friday, January 8, 2016

Five Favorites on Friday

Today marks  my  first opportunity to join in with   this fun the image to return to Susanne's Place!This  has been an exciting week...
1. Last Saturday  Lynn and I drove up  to  Newburyport, MA.... what a delightful  diversion for 2 old fogies like us...the very first thing I noticed about Newburyport is that is  is laid out  almost exactly like  Donegal, NI! ...  which is btw, my  very favorite  spot on earth! 
THis photo  from online   shows   N,Ma  town center... 
as per the following  photo of Donegal.. both are  situated  so   beautifully  about  round   town  centers..

The streets  about both  curve ever so   nicely  around   as  several streets  find their apex  at town center! Can you  ever imagine  how delighted I was to find that  Newburyport had a lovely Irish shop right there  across forom the   circle.

Again,  an online shot shows  the  main street  a  few shops down...
but  I will now try to post  some of my photos...
We were just arriving in town when the similarity hit me...   the Irish store is there on the left.. note  there was the remains of a 2 inch snow from the previous week!
THis being so very near the  Massachusetts northern coast,  a short drive took us to Plum Island  and  a view of their lovely  lighthouse!
As we passed back through Newburyport,  the    lampposts were  lit and   the remnants of  Christmas past   were  bidding us adieu!
2.  Another  huge blessing is that our  newest family member is  growing and thriving   and  a  delightful  bundle of joy!!!
3.   WE  also  revel in the joy that this one brings us every moment of the day!
4.  Our sweetheart, Birdie,  caught GA GA today trying to get the dough done while she and her mom were upstairs tending to baby... When she wakes up from her nap   she and I will  roll out and  cut out our Linzer cookies with  my new  Linzer cookie cutters.. 
<strong>Cake Boss</strong> Classic Linzer 6 Piece Cookie Cutter Set 

Mini Linzer Cookies 
We're making these  plus some with  chocolate in the center!! 
Birdie and I have done crafts every day since we got here...  and  we have decorated this tree with our handiwork.. pretty  great  working with an  awesome  two year old.. we particularly love the pinterest  project of the hand made owls  out of  paper towel rolls.. we named    them "Hoot" and "Annie"!  
God bless!


  1. Welcome to FFF! What a neat excursion! And how fun to make cookies and decorations with a little one. Our grandchild was a little young for that this year but I am looking forward to it in the future.

  2. Newburyport reminds me of Annapolis, MD which I visited in October.
    Those crafts look like they would be fun to make.
    It sounds like you had a great Christmas!


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