Friday, January 8, 2016

Read the Book Challenge

Well,   as I contemplate this new year..  I  know  that I have already stated that  I wanted to  spend less time on my  cell phone  and  more time at the  athletic center...but  then, I, also, saw this challenge!!! I was  visiting  Susanne's Place  and I really felt the need to join in on this challenge...

Book Date

  The time frame given is books purchased from June 2015 - December 2016.    For this challenge, hosted by The Book Date, she wants us to choose one of the percentage goals from the list below that we want to accomplish reading out of the books purchased, list the books we purchase in a post and then cross them off as we read them.  There will be a couple link up posts in the year, I believe, where we can share how we are progressing.  You can read the full rules at her link.
So  to begin  we  choose  below  what  percent of books we  commit to read, if I get  40-60%  done I will feel that I was  very successful!!!

20% or less Money Sitting on the Shelf.

20 - 40% Making Inroads.

40 - 60 % Moderately Successful

60 - 80 % Maximising Returns

80 - 100% Mission Accomplished

I am going to have to be at home to find all the books that will fit this category of being purchased since last June, but I am thinking I have at least a half dozen to read.. My problem is I havent read a book in its entirety for a time... so I do wish to begin again to get the full measure of blessing in each one! But I do encourage many others to join in on this fun challenge!!!!

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