Friday, January 29, 2016

Friday Fave Fives

Sharing my FFF with  Susanne at Living to Tell the Story.
1.  Hubby and  celebrated the Chinese new Year a bit early  ...  stopping at  Sechzuan,  our favorite restaurant.. we  got there at  4:15...   and beat  the Friday night  crowd!!  I was hungry for  General's chicken...  hoping  its spiciness will  help clear up my  sinus and allergy woes!   

2.  Spent a   fabulous 90 minutes in praise and prayer this morning  with  our  transform  through prayer  group.....  I  absolutely  love   the praise music of Terry Macalmon... I first heard him when  he  worshipped at our  previous church....
 Our prayer leader  shares  his  cd's  at out    prayer gatherings...  I just think he is  so  precious and  anointed  ..

3.  Last night was the first meeting of the new  Lifeway  Bible study  I am  beginning....  and I had to miss it.  I  was  feeling so bad  and  feverish yesterday with this  sinus problem...
I do  really believe that    many of us who  are  attempting to interceded  against the wiles of the enemy are undergoing   terrible  warfare  with  the enemy... he will  really attack  you and thwart you  when you   step out in the open   in intercession..  so many   I know  are suffering  all  kinds of trials...   but we will   overcome...  I really need this  study...
Author's note: " bold, practical, and communicated in a way designed to set readers free from the negativity that erodes happiness. This new revision now includes study application questions in each chapter to help readers identify the attitudes of the heart that need change in order for God's abundance to flow."
I know that  when I  become bewildered over  things that are outside of my control, I sometimes have a very hard time seeing  God  at work...  behind the scenes  because  things  aren't lining up with  what I  think they  should be,  biblically,   righteously,  etc...  but  then I  must  give  my  heart and mind over to God  because He is the one    working ALL things for our good and  He may  allow things to happen  that  may not appear  to be    my way,,,  but that doesn't mean  they a re  wrong.. especially  because He is in control...  That is a real hard one for me....  my  hard head  cant seem to  wrap itself around that one....sometimes!! Anybody know what I'm talking about?
4.  Yesterday  our precious  new granddaughter turned one month old...  I cant wait to see her again... I had hoped to see her  yesterday on face time,  but things didn't  work out... I will content myself with  how  she looked the last time I saw her...
Here her older sister  is   being shown how to hold her... 

 Our precious lil  Cuddle bug....   she loves to cuddle!!!  Wish I was there  right at this moment...  cuddling with her!!!!!
 5.  Today while we were out we stopped  by Barnes and noble and  I found a  newer  Lynn Kurland  time travel book...    I just  love these  love stories..  she  keeps them  adventurous and not    steamy 
Lynn Kurland's time travel romance | Books Worth Reading | Pinterest
 She has  two  Scottish families   going the  MacLeod's and the De Piaget's. Mine is  from the  De Piaget line...  and it is best to read her books in  chronological order not the order in which they are written...Of course, the fact they a re  Scottish really  appeals to me...  I find  I really enjoy medieval   stories  very much....   I  am a true  romantic and love  chivalry!!!


  1. You are so right about the spiritual warfare. Every time I begin a new Precepts study, I know to be prepared for - something.
    Adorable grandbaby! What a blessing!

  2. What an adorable granddaughter!! yay for new books but i definitely am not a romamce novel fan! my faves are mysteries and historical fiction. there is nothing like a good Bible study small group. such a true blessing!!

  3. Ha! Hot and Sour soup is our go to when our sinuses get clogged! How blessed you are with your sweet grands!

  4. What cuties your grandkids are! I've never heard of that writer before. I'll have to check her out.


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