Sunday, January 24, 2016

Maybe Too Much Fun

Ok.. my daughter tells me.." Mom,  you've got too much stuff..  when you do decide to put the house on the market  you'll have to rent a storage  unit for all your stuff"... and she is right....  how does one  remove  all of their  personal  stuff and depersonalize a home...  Im in trouble....  but  then  as I was  studying through my pinterest a while ago  I saw so many more ways I could  bring  some  olde world into my home.....I mean I'm working on this  as  fast as I can....  
Gingerbread Blog by the Gingerbread Man | ms lawder's kindergarten ...
 all photos are  from my pinterest
and  as far as the next one goes....  I am working on the red and black as well... I mean one only has so much storage.
Aiken House & Gardens: Transferware Dishes. I love this for spring, and perfect for St. Patrick's Day table:

I did  purchase  a hutch similar to this.... 
Irish Cottage INTERIORS | Dressers in Old Irish Cottages - Free Irish Photos, Desktop ...:

and I do change it out   with various collections
. . . Cabin & Cottage : The Olde Christmas Cupboard
  and now that Ive  toured ireland Im sure I need to start my green collection..
  where is that "replacements'  email
If I get started I may be ready by St Paddy's Day... oh, boy,  a project!!!!

One of my fav stores in McKinney, TX, Elegant Home.:
and who says less is more...  more is definitely more... and I like it!!!
 Oh, boy, as I said before,  I'm in trouble!!!


  1. Dear Schotzy:
    I am very much with you on this one! We got rid of a lot of stuff last year and then took what we called the "fun money" and went antiquing and I got more! Ha! This was a fun post!


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