Tuesday, January 12, 2016


Ann Voskamp introduced us to    the daily habit of    finding the joy  all around us   in her book, 1000 Gifts. On her website she encourages   taking part in the Joy Dare    and your  can find everything you need to know here!Here is my Joy Dare for  the third week of January 2016 with Ann Voskamp
778. For today I am sharing about our visit with our girls... I am praising the Lord for our dear girls who fill our hearts with such joy!
779.  The  precious  half smile  Doodle bug has after  she yawns,,
780.  The   surprising   tender hearted,  merciful  attention   Birdie  age 2   pays to  little Doodle bug  when  she  cries.

781.  The  giggles   heard upstairs  while  her daddy puts  Birdie  to bed....  he has  the charm for sure!
782.  THe  sweet hug and kiss Birdie gave me tonight knowing that  soon we will be leaving to return back home!
783.  Snuggling with Doodle bug in my arms...   to  hold a 2 week  old baby   while she sleeps is   pure  heaven!

784. Making cookies with   Birdie, not  once, but twice....  so  wonderful to finally get to  spend  grandma   time with my girls!

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