Thursday, January 21, 2016

Jonas Comes to Town!

                              Winter Storm Jonas Expected to be Big Snowmaker for Mid-Atlantic Area

Looks like we're in for it....  due to start sometime after midnight tonight .. although today has been extremely bright and sunny... but my  cousin's  early morning  red sky in morning  shot   shows  something is  coming!   Pam  really captured   a fiery  sky....   love it!!!
 At least  our region is my f avorite  color  but not the color I have chosen  for  my  Jonas  table  of  January 2016.

My  rather sad undecorated tree is awaiting   my next seasonal  inspiration  but    its lights   make a  happy  foreground for  my Jonas table..
Morning light  brings everything into  a clear  and definite  reality...
 I am pairing  Johnson Brothers, Vintage Charm plates and mugs alternating  with  my Portugese made  Matceramica  plates and   mugs.. I  absolutely love  this color!

My main emphasis  will be  to keep the tea pot  full    for my  fabulous teas    I  got this season...
My Irish, Barry's tea I purchased in newburyport, MA last month in a quaint Irish shop, and this gorgeous tin of Downton Estate Blend Amanda gave me for Christmas!

 Because I didnt get all of my Christmas  decor out this year,  I  am missing the many  crystal snowflakes I could have  scattered...   but the simplicity of this table is  just right as well!

Even as  Jonas approaches and  the  day wanes,  the atmosphere around the table warms up...
 Light is such a powerful element  design and atmosphere!
 Late  afternoon  the colors mute and   almost become ethereal..

 Later still  the  candlelight  offers  a regal  allure
 and  crystal shimmers like icy fire!
 Aw well,   tomorrow is another day and sure  to be something  grand  according to all accounts!

As an after thought I am going to try to share  the recipe I found on facebook this morning...  you may  scroll down after  linking to  find the most  delicious buttermilk biscuit  recipe...  very easy  and  simply  scrumptious looking!  Link!
The recipe is  written throughout the  video...  Please give it a look.  YUM!
                                   Tablescape Thursday
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  1. love the wintery feel! and the branches in the centerpiece.
    love you,

  2. I hope you stayed warm! Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!


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