Friday, January 22, 2016

Friday Fave Fives

Sharing my FFF with  Susanne at Living to Tell the Story.
1.  Out the library window  I see  that  Jonas continues to    visit us with  his  wintry wonderland  for those of us who  have the luxury of  staying home and dont have to battle the  ice and  traffic   to work and back home....... one of the many  pleasures of living the  life of retirement.
They say we  can get  24 inches by Sunday!
Today I chose to  really get into  my  Christmas  presents...So  took down  the  fabulous tea Amanda gave me... Oh, my goodness.... 

 I could just be  elated over the  tin itself...    this   Downtown Abbey    Specialty tea,   but this one , the Estate Blend,   pays tribute to Grannie!!!!  What I've been coaching  lil Birdie to call me if not  grandmama! It may just be   she  calls me what she does now... GAGA... which would also be just fine.... but  as you can see it doesnt take much to get my mind onto my sweet  grand babes...  but back to the tea....  This   is a classic earl grey black infused with    real vanilla bean...  the   vanilla really shines.. makes me  think, 'Now I can't wait to host a  tea soirre' with my prayer  gals...  sooner rather than later!!!!  
3.  So  I  set myself a bit of a tea time....
The  wonderful tea tasted so  grand in my    Johnson Brother's  Vintage Charm mug... and   thankfully, I hadnt opened  a present from  Lynn's cousin..Marnee....  Chocolate wafers... just the  item  to  make  my  lovely teatime  extra special.. I love the  beautiful bird on the cup... when I saw it I knew I had to have it, and I think of my lil Birdie  each time!

 Sitting there  looking out the window sipping my tea   puts me in a reverie.... of those  special moments we  shared with  our grandbabes over  the holidays.

4.  Last week,  I  really  enjoyed  our  Netflix membership  especially  watching  the entire  series of  Monarch of the Glen... Amanda had purchased a couple seasons for me  a few years ago..  because I had run across it on amazon but had never heard of  the show....  of course, anything  of  a Scotch, Irish, nature,    thrills me , so I was  overjoyed to  find the series on Netflix...
Many of the  reviews I've read about the show  showed disappointment with the turn over of cast members... but I stayed true to the show to the end and cried  at the end... I didnt want it to be over!!!
The  show lasted  about  6 years....  these photos  show the begining and ending  cast members of the show..  but,  for me  alot of it was 
about the land and the  glorious  castle..

5.  Another   Christmas present I  received  was from a dear friend,   Dot. She gave  each of us  girls  Jesus Calling by Sarah  Young.... a daily devotional    about  experiencing the presence of God every day....  I loved today's  as well as every day's  devotional,  for I need to  have it drummed into my thick skull    about  how truly  faithful God is...  I know  it in my mind.. but  it has a long 18 inches to reach my heart  where  so many  strongholds and doubts  creep in....  
Today's scripture reference is Proverbs 3:5-6
Trust in the Lord with all your heart
and lean not on your own understanding;
in all your ways submit to him,
and he will make your paths straight.
Because of God unfailing love and His perfect sovereign plan for our lives, we can live each moment free from fear and doubt... accept things as they are, and live through each circumstance looking for God's path.. and he will lead us through!


  1. 24 inches!!! 4 is pretty high for us in TN we got that earlier this week and are expected to get it again tomorrow. It's nice to watch come down, but I don't think I could handle 24 inches.

    What a nice tea tin! I've been waiting to see what my little grandson might come up with for what he calls me. I do like Grandmama! Or Grandmom. But whatever he comes up with is fine.

    I have not heard of Monarch of the Glen but it sounds right up my alley! I'll have to look it up.

    Stay warm!

  2. Wow beaitiful photos. Great post. Hope you have a great weekend. Visiting from the link up.

  3. Nice pictures, especially the one of the babies!! 24 inches!! Wow - where I live we think it's really something when we get one!! Stay warm and dry!!

  4. i dont know where you live but here in eastern NY ( just north of the capital, Albany) we have NO snow!! just bitter cold temps. stay safe with all that white stuff!

    i love Downton fun to get tea based on the series. I am cutting out refined sugar so I would have to pass on the cookies (4!!!!) but would definitiely eat a piece of organic super dark chocolate 😀

    what a cute photo of your grandchildren!

    enjoy your weekend!

  5. Dear Schotzy:
    All 5 were lovely and the music and the snowflakes!

  6. Jesus Calling is one of my favorite devotionals and is always so timely for me. I love your 'tea' favorite! I'm looking for something to watch when Downton Abbey is over and I'm going through withdrawals. Perhaps Monarch of the Glen would be an idea?

  7. What lovely gifts you got there! My daughter and I enjoy Downton Abbey. How is Monarch of the Glen compared to Downton Abbey? Is it as good :)?

    Thanks for visiting my blog! Have a blessed weekend!

    1. The Monarch of the Glen is masterpiece BBC series set more modern times, yet is seems a bit quaint... Julian Fellowes, Writer and Producer for DA played a key role in the series and Im sure helped in making it feel authentic to the time and place.. MOTG is much more humorous... and uproarious... but I found it to be refreshing and enjoyed the humor!One of the main themes of the story is how the gentried families tried to keep their properties going... in modern times... again working fromtheolder generations pov to those of the heirs needs to be very inventive to find ways to turn a bit of profit... I found it to be historically correct and the situations to be of cultural interest as I love anything of a Scottish flavor.... I think anyone who invests a bit of time in trying understand the dialect and the who enjoys the beauty of it all would be as enthralled with it as I!

    2. Many short clips of the show are scene on youtube at this link...

  8. Earl Grey Vanilla tea sounds absolutely divine! Two of my favourite flavours. Isn't it fun to break into Christmas well after the actual holiday and still be enjoying someone's thoughtfulness? Stay warm!

  9. Lovely faves this week! Earl Grey with vanilla? Sounds wonderful!
    My dd got hit by the brunt of the storm--nearly 30 inches! Stay safe and warm!


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